IAVObjectConverter Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IAVObjectConverter Interface

Provides access to members that control the ArcView (3.x) object converter.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Method ConnectToView Returns the map associated with an AV view object.
Method ConvertBounds Converts an AV rectangle (or MapDpy) object to an envelope.
Method ConvertColor Converts an AV color object.
Method ConvertElement Converts an AV graphic object into an element. All elements except MapSurrounds are converted when 'pass' is 0. Only MapSurrounds are converted when 'pass' is 1.
Method ConvertFont Converts an AV font object.
Method ConvertGeometry Converts an AV shape object to a geometry object.
Method ConvertLegend Returns a Renderer from an ArcView legend object.
Method ConvertProjection Converts an AV projection object to a spatial reference object.
Method ConvertSymbol Returns a symbol from an ArcView symbol object.
Method ImportLayout Imports a layout from an APR file.
Method ImportView Imports a view from an APR file.
Read-only property Map The converted map at the given index.
Read-only property MapCount The number of maps converted.
Method NextObject Returns the next object in the project.
Method QueryFeatureClass Returns a feature class with the same properties as the input feature theme object.
Method QueryObjectByID Returns the object specified by the given object id.
Method QueryObjectProperty Returns the named property object associated with the given object.
Method ReadObjects Reads an ArcView 3.x ODL file.
Method Reset Resets the enumerator.
Method SetFeatureSymbology Sets the layer symbology for a given feature layer, based on a feature theme's legend.

CoClasses that implement IAVObjectConverter

CoClasses and Classes Description
AVObjectConverter An ArcView (3.x) object converter.