IEvaluatorEditor Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IEvaluatorEditor Interface

Provides access to an evaluator editor.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Read-only property ContextSupportsEditDescriptors Indicates if the editor supports textbox editing of the descriptor value for the current attribute edit context.
Read-only property ContextSupportsEditProperties Indicates if the editor supports a dialog for the current attribute edit context.
Read-only property Descriptor The ith descriptor value.
Method EditDescriptors Change the descriptor for all selected evaluators.
Write-only property EditEvaluators The available set of edit evaluators.
Method EditProperties Prompts the user to edit the evaluator.
Read-only property EvaluatorCLSID The evaluator CLSID associated with this editor.
Read-only property FullDescription The ith full description value.
Method SetDefaultProperties The default properties for the edit evaluator based on the current context.
Write-only property ValueChoice The index of the selected value choice.
Read-only property ValueChoiceCount The number of value choices.
Read-only property ValueChoiceDescriptor The value choice description.

CoClasses that implement IEvaluatorEditor

CoClasses and Classes Description
NetworkConstantEvaluatorEditor The constant evaluator editor.
NetworkEdgeTrafficEvaluatorEditor The edge traffic evaluator editor.
NetworkFieldEvaluatorEditor The field evaluator editor.
NetworkFunctionEvaluatorEditor The function evaluator editor.
NetworkGlobalTurnDelayEvaluatorEditor The global turn delay evaluator editor.
NetworkScriptEvaluatorEditor The script evaluator editor.


The IEvaluatorEditor interface provides the properties and methods so that an evaluator can be edited using the Evaluators dialog in ArcCatalog.  When writing a custom evaluator, one should implement the IEvaluatorEditor interface so that ArcCatalog users can use the Evaluators dialog to set their network attributes to access the custom evaluator.