IGeoDataset Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IGeoDataset Interface

Provides access to members that provide information about a Geographic Dataset.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read-only property Extent The extent of the GeoDataset.
Read-only property SpatialReference The spatial reference of the GeoDataset.

CoClasses that implement IGeoDataset

CoClasses and Classes Description
BasemapLayer (esriCarto) Layer containing a Basemap.
BasemapSubLayer (esriCarto) Wrapper for layers in the basemap.
CadAnnotationLayer (esriCarto) An Esri Cad annotation layer.
CadastralFabric (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) A container for querying information about a cadastral fabric.
CadastralFabricLayer (esriCarto) Cadastral Fabric Layer Object.
CadastralFabricSubLayer (esriCarto) Cadastral Fabric Feature Layer Object.
CadFeatureLayer (esriCarto) Esri CAD Feature Layer class.
CadLayer (esriCarto) Esri CAD Layer class.
CompositeGraphicsLayer (esriCarto) A collection of graphics layers that behave like single layer.
CoverageAnnotationLayer (esriCarto) An Esri coverage annotation layer.
DimensionLayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for a dimension layer.
FDOGraphicsLayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for an annotation layer (feature data object graphics layer).
FDOGraphicsSublayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for an annotation sublayer layer (feature data object graphics sublayer).
FeatureClass Esri Feature Class object.
FeatureClassDescriptor (esriGeoAnalyst) GeoAnalyst FeatureClass descriptor object.
FeatureDataset Esri Feature Dataset object.
FeatureLayer (esriCarto) A collection of features and their visual representation.
FunctionRasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A class for a function raster dataset.
GdbRasterCatalogLayer (esriCarto) Geodabase RasterCatalog source and display options.
GeometricNetwork Esri Geometric Network object.
GeoVideoLayer (esriGlobeCore) The georeferenced video layer.
GlobeGraphicsLayer (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Graphics Layer.
GlobeLayer (esriGlobeCore) The cache-only globe layer.
GlobeServerLayer (esriGlobeCore) Provides programmatic access to a globe server layer.
GraphicsLayer3D (esri3DAnalyst) A 3D Graphics Layer.
GroupLayer (esriCarto) A collection of layers that behaves like a single layer.
ImageServerLayer (esriCarto) Image server layer source and display options.
IMSMapLayer (esriCarto) A container for the display and manipulation of IMS layers.
IMSSubFeatureLayer (esriCarto) A collection of IMS features as a sublayer of an IMSMapLayer.
IMSSubLayer (esriCarto) An IMS Layer as a sublayer of an IMSMapLayer.
JoinedControlPointLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents Control Points.
JoinedLinePointLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents Joined LinePoints.
JoinedParcelLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents Joined Parcels.
JoinedParcelLineLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents Joined Parcel Lines.
JoinedPointLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents Joined Points.
KmlLayer (esriGlobeCore) Esri KML Layer class.
LasDataset (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri LasDataset component.
LasDatasetLayer (esriCarto) The Terrain Layer class.
LasFile (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri LasFile object.
MapServerBasicSublayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a basic map server sublayer.
MapServerFindSublayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a map server sublayer with Find capability.
MapServerIdentifySublayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a map server sublayer with Identify capability.
MapServerLayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a map server layer.
MapServerQuerySublayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a map server sublayer with Find and Identify capability.
MapServerRESTLayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a a layer based on MapServer using REST access.
MapServerRESTSubLayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to a MapServer SubLayer.
MosaicLayer (esriCarto) The layer implementation of the Mosaic Dataset.
MosaicRaster (esriDataSourcesRaster) A mosaic of rasters.
NALayer (esriNetworkAnalyst) The layer for defining, solving, and viewing network analysis results.
NetworkDataset A container for querying information about a network dataset.
NetworkLayer (esriCarto) Esri Network Layer CoClass.
NITFGraphicsLayer (esriCarto) A NITF graphics layer containing NITF CGM graphics.
PacketJoinedLayer (esriCadastralUI) Layer object that represents a packet of Joined Parcels, Lines, Points, Control Points, LinePoints and Text.
ProcessLayer (esriGeoprocessing) A collection of process layers that behaves like a single layer.
Raster (esriDataSourcesRaster) An in-memory representation of a dynamic raster that can perform resampling and reprojection.
RasterBand (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterCatalog A collection of raster datasets in a Geodatabase table.
RasterCatalogLayer (esriCarto) Raster catalog source and display options.
RasterCatalogTable (esriDataSourcesRaster) A special type of table used to display multiple rasters simultaneously.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterDescriptor (esriGeoAnalyst) GeoAnalyst Raster descriptor object.
RasterLayer (esriCarto) Raster layer source and display options.
RenderedRaster (esriCarto) A raster that is rendered using a renderer.
RouteEventSource (esriLocation) Route event source object.
SchematicDiagram (esriSchematic) A schematic diagram object.
SchematicDiagramClass (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class object.
SchematicElementClass (esriSchematic) Schematic element class object.
SchematicInMemoryDiagram (esriSchematic) Schematic in memory diagram object.
SchematicInMemoryFeatureClass (esriSchematic) Schematic in memory feature class object.
SchematicLayer (esriSchematic) A Schematic layer object.
SdeRasterCatalogTable (esriDataSourcesRaster) A class for managing 8.x ArcSDE RasterCatalogs.
SearchResultsLayer (esriCatalog) A layer that lets you preview a search result in the Geography tab. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.
TemporalFeatureClass (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls settings for the temporal feature class.
TemporalFeatureLayer (esriTrackingAnalyst) Defines the coclass IDL parameters and attributes of the TemporalFeatureLayer COM object.
TemporalRecordSet (esriTrackingAnalyst) Defines the COM coclass for the TemporalRecordSet COM object.
Terrain (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The Esri Terrain component.
TerrainLayer (esriCarto) The Terrain Layer class.
Tin The Esri TIN component.
TinLayer (esriCarto) The TIN Layer class.
Topology Esri Topology object.
TopologyLayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for a topology layer.
WCSLayer (esriCarto) WCS layer source and display options.
WMSGroupLayer (esriCarto) A container for the display of WMS group layers.
WMSMapLayer (esriCarto) A container for the display and manipulation of WMS layers.
WMTSLayer (esriCarto) Provides programmatic access to WMTS layer.
XYEventSource XY event source object.


This interface provides access to information about spatial datasets, in particular their spatial reference and geographic extent. All layers also implement this interface.

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