IGxDataset Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IGxDataset Interface

Provides access to members that manages the properties of a GX dataset object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Read-only property Dataset The associated dataset.
Read/write property DatasetName The associated dataset name.
Read-only property Type The type of the associated dataset.

CoClasses that implement IGxDataset

CoClasses and Classes Description
FDLDataSrc (esriDataInteropUI) FDLDataSrc Class
FDLFeatureClass (esriDataInteropUI) FDLFeatureClass Class
GxCadDataset A Cad Feature Class or Drawing dataset.
GxCoverageDataset A Coverage, Feature Class or Info Table dataset.
GxDataset GxObject that represents a dataset.
GxPCCoverage GxObject that represents PC Coverage.
GxRasterDataset A Gx Raster dataset.
GxSDCDataset A SDC feature dataset, feature class or table.
GxShapefileDataset A Shapefile Feature Class or DBase Table.
GxStreetMapDataset A StreetMap feature class.
GxTextFile GxObject that represents the text file.
GxTool Catalog object corresponding to geoprocessing tools.
GxToolbox Catalog object corresponding to toolboxes.
GxTrackingDatasetName (esriTrackingAnalystUI) A Catalog wrapper for tracking data set names.
GxVpfDataset A VPF Feature Class.
IMSFeatureClass GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Class.

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