ILicenseControlDefault Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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ILicenseControlDefault Interface

Provides access to members that control the LicenseControl.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


The ILicenseControlDefault interface is the default dispatch interface that most development environments will automatically expose. For example, placing the LicenseControl in a container will typically generate an object called LicenseControl1. The properties and methods available directly on this object correspond to this interface, together with container specific properties and methods.

The ILicenseControlDefault interface is a 'pure' dispatch interface, so can be extended with new properties and methods at future releases of ArcGIS. The methods and properties are identical to the highest numbered main interface on the LicenseControl. For example, ILicenseControlDefault is equivalent to ILicenseControl, but at future releases this could become ILicenseControl2. By using the ILicenseControlDefault interface you are guaranteed to always have access to the latest LicenseControl.

There is a small performance overhead in making calls through to a pure dispatch interface, but to avoid this you can QI to a specific interface. In some development environments it is not possible to QI directly on the control to other COM interfaces, because the control is contained within a wrapper object. Use the Object property to get the real control before performing the QI.


Name Description
Method AboutBox Displays a dialog of information about the LicenseControl.
Read-only property LicenseAvailability A Description of the availability of the licenses either all licenses or just those specified in the LicenseControls property page.
Method ShowStatusDialog Shows a dialog displaying the LicenseControl status and the current license availability.
Read-only property Status The status of the LicenseControl initialization.
Read-only property Summary A summary of the status of the LicenseControl initialization.

CoClasses that implement ILicenseControlDefault

CoClasses and Classes Description
LicenseControl Esri LicenseControl