ILocationTrigger Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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ILocationTrigger Interface

Provides access to properties and methods needed to manage action's location trigger. A location trigger allows developers to extend location based triggering of actions, e.g., extend location trigger to include crosses or departing / arriving.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read-only property Description Description of location trigger properties.
Method EvaluateDataMessage Evaluates data message for location trigger information.
Method EvaluateFeature Evaluates feature for location trigger information.
Write-only property EventIdColumn Column containing EventID information.
Method GeometryIsCompatible Determines whether or not the geometry is compatible for the location trigger.
Read-only property Invertable Indicates whether or not the location trigger can be negated.
Read/write property Inverted Indicates whether or not location trigger has been negated.
Read-only property Name Name of the location trigger.
Write-only property ShapeColumn Column containing geometry objects.
Write-only property TestFeatureClass Feature class containing geometry used in the location query.
Read/write property TestGeometry Geometry used for location trigger test.

CoClasses that implement ILocationTrigger

CoClasses and Classes Description
ArrivingLocationTrigger (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the implementation of the action's location trigger for the geometrical arriving (entering) or departing (exited) a polygon.
CrossingLocationTrigger (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the implementation of the action's location trigger for the geometrical crossing of a polyline or a polygon border.
ProximityLocationTrigger (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the implementation of a proximity location trigger which can perform across multiple real-time point temporal feature classes.