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IMaplexOverposter Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.7 SDK)
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IMaplexOverposter Interface

Provides access to members that control the Maplex Overposter.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The MaplexOverposter object provides a wrapper around the Maplex placement engine, hiding the details of the text placement algorithms. To use the overposter first initialize it with parameters such as the map extent, spatial reference, display object, track cancel object, and overposter properties. Then call AddFeature() to add the features to the overposter. Call PlaceLabels() to start processing, and when this method returns, retrieve the results using the PlacedLabels and UnplacedLabels enumerators.

Note that MaplexOverposter does not generate events to fire back labels as they are placed, like the BasicOverposter. You retrieve all of the placed labels at the end of a placement run. MaplexOverposter determines the font metrics for you, so you don�t need to supply the label size.

This interface is designed for low level access to the placement algorithms of the MaplexOverposter.  The labeling maps and features, use the MaplexAnnotateMap and MaplexAnnoateFeature objects.  They wrap calls to the MaplexOverposter into a more general form for use with layers and maps.



Name Description
Method AddBarriers Adds a barrier object that placed objects must avoid.
Method AddClass Adds a class to the overposter and specifies its properties.
Method AddFeature Adds a feature with its associated label (optional) to the overposter.
Method AddSymbol Adds a symbol to be placed.
Read-only property Capabilities Overposter capabilities for the specified layer.
Read-only property ClassCount The number of classes.
Method Initialize Initializes the overposter for drawing into the specified area of the map display.
Read-only property PlacedLabelCount The number of unplaced labels. Only valid after calling PlaceObjects.
Read-only property PlacedLabels Enumeration of placed labels.
Method PlaceLabels Places labels using the overposter.
Method ResetClasses Removes all classes from the overposter.
Read-only property UnplacedLabelCount The number of unplaced labels. Only valid after calling PlaceObjects.
Read-only property UnplacedLabels Enumeration of unplaced labels.

Classes that implement IMaplexOverposter

Classes Description
MaplexOverposter A label placement engine based on the Maplex label placement algorithms.