IPageLayoutControl Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IPageLayoutControl Interface

Provides access to members that control the PageLayoutControl. Note: the IPageLayoutControl interface has been superseded byIPageLayoutControl3. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


The IPageLayoutControl interface is a starting point for any tasks related to the PageLayoutControl, such as setting general appearance, setting page and display properties, adding and finding elements, loading map documents, and printing.


Name Description
Method AboutBox Displays a dialog of information about the PageLayoutControl.
Read-only property ActiveView The active view of the PageLayout contained by the PageLayoutControl.
Method AddElement Adds the supplied element to the PageLayout, with optional geometry, symbolization, name and Z order.
Read/write property Appearance The appearance of the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property BackColor Background color of the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property BorderStyle The border style of the PageLayoutControl.
Method CenterAt Moves the center of the PageLayoutControl to the specified location.
Method CheckMxFile Checks the specified filename to see if it is a map document that can be loaded into the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property CurrentTool Current active tool for the PageLayoutControl. Set to nothing to clear the tool.
Read/write property Enabled Indicates whether the PageLayoutControl can respond to user generated events.
Read/write property Extent Current extent of the PageLayout in page units.
Method FindElementByName Find the first element with the supplied name, supply an occurrence parameter to find the second, third and so on.
Method FromPagePoint Converts a point on the page (in page units) to device co-ordinates (typically pixels).
Read/write property FullExtent Rectangular shape that encloses the PageLayout.
Read-only property GraphicsContainer The graphics container of the PageLayout object contained by the PageLayoutControl.
Read-only property hWnd Handle to the window associated with the PageLayoutControl.
Method LoadMxFile Loads the specified map document into the PageLayout contained by the PageLayoutControl.
Method LocateFrontElement Locates an element at the given page co-ordinates. If more than one element is at the location the element nearest the front is returned.
Read/write property MouseIcon Custom mouse icon used if MousePointer is 99.
Read/write property MousePointer The mouse pointer displayed over the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property OleDropEnabled Indicates if the PageLayoutControl will fire events when data is dragged over the control's window.
Read-only property Page The Page associated with the PageLayout contained by the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property PageLayout The PageLayout contained by the PageLayoutControl.
Method Pan Tracks the mouse while panning the PageLayoutControl.
Read/write property Printer The printer object used by the PageLayoutControl for printing.
Read-only property PrinterPageCount The number of printer pages the PageLayout will cover.
Method PrintPageLayout Sends the specified range of pages on the printer.
Method Refresh Redraws the PageLayout, optionally just redraw specified phases or envelope.
Method ToPagePoint Converts device co-ordinates (typically pixels) to a point on the page (in page units).
Read/write property TrackCancel The object used by the PageLayoutControl to check if drawing has been aborted.
Method TrackRectangle Rubber-bands a rectangle on the PageLayoutControl.
Method ZoomToWholePage Changes the extent of the PageLayout to show a whole page.

CoClasses that implement IPageLayoutControl

CoClasses and Classes Description
PageLayoutControl Esri PageLayoutControl

.NET Samples

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