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IRouteMeasureCalibrator.CalibrateRoutesByDistance Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.7 SDK)
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IRouteMeasureCalibrator.CalibrateRoutesByDistance Method

Calibrate route features.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function CalibrateRoutesByDistance ( _
    ByVal updateHow As Integer, _
    ByVal ignoreGaps As Boolean, _
    ByVal tolerance As Double, _
    ByVal allRoutes As Boolean, _
    ByVal outputFClassName As IFeatureClassName, _
    ByVal outputGeometryDef As IGeometryDef, _
    ByVal configKeyword As String, _
    ByVal trackCancel As ITrackCancel _
) As IEnumBSTR
public IEnumBSTR CalibrateRoutesByDistance (
    int updateHow,
    bool ignoreGaps,
    double tolerance,
    bool allRoutes,
    IFeatureClassName outputFClassName,
    IGeometryDef outputGeometryDef,
    string configKeyword,
    ITrackCancel trackCancel
HRESULT CalibrateRoutesByDistance(
  long updateHow,
  VARIANT_BOOL ignoreGaps,
  double tolerance,
  VARIANT_BOOL allRoutes,
  IFeatureClassName* outputFClassName,
  IGeometryDef* outputGeometryDef,
  BSTR configKeyword,
  ITrackCancel* trackCancel
updateHow [in]

updateHow is a parameter of type long ignoreGaps [in]
ignoreGaps is a parameter of type bool tolerance [in]
tolerance is a parameter of type double allRoutes [in]
allRoutes is a parameter of type bool outputFClassName [in]
outputFClassName is a parameter of type IFeatureClassName* outputGeometryDef [in]
outputGeometryDef is a parameter of type IGeometryDef* configKeyword [in]
configKeyword is a parameter of type BSTR trackCancel [in]
trackCancel is a parameter of type ITrackCancel*

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The outputFClassName parameter in this method is the IFeatureClassName, from which the properties of the output feature class can be set.

The outputGeometryDef parameter sets the IGeometryDef for the output feature class.  The geometry definition of the output feature class must have HasMs = True, and should have an adequate M extent (MDomain) so the new measures can be set. 

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