ITinIllumination Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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ITinIllumination Interface

Provides access to members that determine whether shading is turned on or off for a TIN face renderer.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property Illuminate Indicates if the shading for TIN triangle faces is illuminated.

CoClasses that implement ITinIllumination

CoClasses and Classes Description
LasPointElevationRenderer LasDataset point renderer component.
TerrainPointElevationRenderer Terrain point renderer component.
TinAspectRenderer TIN aspect renderer component.
TinElevationRenderer TIN elevation renderer component.
TinFaceRenderer TIN face renderer component.
TinFaceValueRenderer TIN face value renderer component.
TinSlopeRenderer TIN slope renderer component.