IToolbarItem Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.6 SDK)
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IToolbarItem Interface

Provides access to members that control ToolbarControl items. Note: the IToolbarItem interface has been superseded byIToolbarItem2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


A ToolbarItem represents a Command, Tool, ToolControl, Menu or Palette item on the ToolbarControl. These items generally appear as buttons however, a ToolControl will provide its own window, and will typically be a combo box.


Name Description
Read-only property Command The command used by the item.
Read/write property CustomProperty A property to associate data with an item.
Read/write property Group Indicates if a group separator exists to the left of the item on the ToolbarControl.
Read/write property GroupSpacing The width of the group separator in pixels if present.
Read-only property Menu If the item is a menu, this property is a ToolbarMenu object.
Read/write property Style The style of the item. Displays a combination of text caption and bitmap.
Read-only property UID The UID of the command used by the item, which may be empty.

CoClasses that implement IToolbarItem

CoClasses and Classes Description
ToolbarItem ToolbarItems used by the ToolbarControl.

.NET Samples

Creating toolbar menus that work with the ToolbarControl (Code Files: ToolbarMenu) | Editing using a custom form (Code Files: EditorForm) | ArcGIS Network Analyst extension Engine application (Code Files: frmMain)

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