How to load a raster dataset to a raster attribute column in a feature class

Loading a raster dataset to a raster attribute column in a feature class

A feature class or table can have a raster attribute field to store any raster related to the feature. This article shows how to load a raster dataset into a feature in a feature class given the ObjectID (OID) of the feature. Only geodatabase feature classes can have a raster attribute field. See the following code example:
static void loadToRasterAttribute(IFeatureClass featureClass, IRasterDataset
    rasterDataset, int OID)throws Exception{
    featureClass: the feature class with raster attribute
    rasterDataset: the raster dataset to be loaded to the raster attribute
    OID: the objectid of the feature to be edited

    //Get workspace for editing
    IDataset dataset = (IDataset)featureClass;
    IWorkspaceEdit workspaceEdit = (IWorkspaceEdit)dataset.getWorkspace();
    IFeature feature = featureClass.getFeature(OID);

    //Find raster field index
    int iRasterField = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < feature.getFields().getFieldCount(); i++){
        if (feature.getFields().getField(i).getType() ==
            iRasterField = i;
            i = 1000;

    //Create raster value with input raster dataset
    IRasterValue rasterValue = new RasterValue();

    //Set raster value to the raster field
    feature.setValue(iRasterField, rasterValue);;

    //Stop editing and save edits

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