How to SaveAs raster data

This article shows how to save a raster to various raster formats (save as), how to set up storage properties if saved to a geodatabase, and how to control pyramid building when saved as IMG, TIFF, GRID, and geodatabase formats.

Saving as raster data

By using the ISaveAs interface, you can save a raster dataset or a raster into many raster formats. You can also save to a geodatabase if the output workspace is one of the geodatabase workspaces. See the following code example:
static void saveAsWithCompressionAndTile(IRasterDataset rasterDataset)throws
    //pRasterDataset can be created from any data source, file system, or geodatabase. It could also be a raster object (IRaster).
    ISaveAs2 saveAs2 = new ISaveAs2Proxy(rasterDataset);

    //Set storage. 
    RasterStorageDef definition = new RasterStorageDef();


    //Set output workspace.
    IWorkspace workspace = openFileGDBWorkspace("c:\\temp\\fgdb.gdb");

    saveAs2.saveAsRasterDataset("filegdbRaster", workspace, "gdb", definition);


static IWorkspace openFileGDBWorkspace(String path)throws Exception{
    FileGDBWorkspaceFactory factory = new FileGDBWorkspaceFactory();
    return factory.openFromFile(path, 0);
Turning off pyramid building
You can also turn off pyramid building for outputs, such as IMG, GRID, and TIFF formats using the ISaveAs2 interface. See the following code example:
static void saveAsWithoutBuildingPyramids(IRaster raster)throws Exception{
    ISaveAs2 pSaveAs2 = new ISaveAs2Proxy(raster);
    RasterStorageDef definition = new RasterStorageDef();
    IWorkspace workspace = setRasterWorkspace("c:\\temp");
    pSaveAs2.saveAsRasterDataset("image1.img", workspace, "IMAGINE Image",

static IWorkspace setRasterWorkspace(String path)throws Exception{
    RasterWorkspaceFactory factory = new RasterWorkspaceFactory();
    return factory.openFromFile(path, 0);

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