How to initialize a world file with rotation

This article discusses the new IWorldFileSettings2 interface. By using this interface, a world file can be created for image exports that contain rotation parameters.

Initializing a world file with rotation

The following code example sets up a world file for a given IExport passed in as docExport. It assumes that a HookHelper object has been set up to obtain the active view. Note, the mapWorldFileSettings.OutputWorldFile parameter must be set to true for a world file to be output.
static void initWorldFile(IExport docExport)throws Exception{
    //Use the new IWorldFileSettings2 interface to write the rotation to the worldfile
    if (docExport instanceof IExportImage && hookHelper.getActiveView()instanceof
        //cast these two worldfilesettings variables to docExport.
        IWorldFileSettings mapWorldFileSettings = (IWorldFileSettings)docExport;
        IWorldFileSettings2 mapWorldFileSettings2 = (IWorldFileSettings2)docExport;
        //mapWorldFileSettings.OutputWorldFile is set by the dialog.
        //mapWorldFileSettings2.MapRotation must be copied in order for world file to properly reflect rotation.

Additional Requirements
  • docExport is already an initialized IExport object—the code assumes the use of the HookHelper object to obtain the active view.

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