How to rematch a geocoded feature class

Rematching a geocoded feature class

After geocoding a table of addresses, you can review the results. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can modify the address locator's settings and try to geocode the table of addresses or records that were not matched again. This process is known as rematching.
There are a number of ways to specify addresses in a geocoded feature class that you want to rematch including the following:
The IBatchGeocoding interface has methods to match a record set or rematch a table.  Usually, you use the IBatchGeocoding interface to rematch a geocoded feature class using the RematchTable method.
The RematchTable method takes a number of parameters. Most of these parameters can be retrieved directly from the AttachedLocator object associated with the geocoded feature class. See the following code example:
// Open an ArcSDE workspace.
IPropertySet connProperties = new PropertySet();
connProperties.setProperty("server", "mendota");
connProperties.setProperty("instance", "esri_sde");
connProperties.setProperty("database", "arcobjects");
connProperties.setProperty("user", "sde");
connProperties.setProperty("password", "sde");
connProperties.setProperty("version", "SDE.Default");
IWorkspaceFactory factory = new SdeWorkspaceFactory();
IFeatureWorkspace featureWorkspace = new IFeatureWorkspaceProxy(
    (connProperties, 0));

// Open the feature class to rematch.
IFeatureClass pFeatureClass = featureWorkspace.openFeatureClass(

// Get the locator that is attached to the feature class.
ILocatorManager pLocatorManager = new LocatorManager();
IAttachedLocator pAttachedLocator = pLocatorManager.getLocatorFromDataset(new
IBatchGeocoding batchGeocoding = new IBatchGeocodingProxy

// Modify the geocoding properties on the locator and rematch the feature class.
IGeocodingProperties pGeocodingProperties = new IGeocodingPropertiesProxy

    pAttachedLocator.getInputJoinFieldName(), new IFeatureClassProxy
    (pAttachedLocator.getOutputTable()), pAttachedLocator.getOutputFieldNamesList(),
    pAttachedLocator.getOutputJoinFieldName(), "", null);

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