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Proxygen tool for Windows

The Proxygen tool enables you to write custom extensions to ArcObjects in a Component Object Model (COM) compliant language and access those extensions from Java code. The Proxygen tool basically generates Java proxies (wrappers) from COM type libraries by using type information from .tlb, .olb, and .dll files (that embed type information). These proxies can then be added to any ArcGIS Engine Java project to consume the custom extension. The Proxygen tool is installed at <ArcGISInstallDir>\java\tools.

Running the Proxygen tool at the command line

At the command prompt, run %AGSDEVKITJAVA%\java\tools\proxygen <XXX.txt>.
Proxygen by default, registers on the machine the type library for which it generates proxies. However, the type library and COM extensions should be registered manually on every other machine that consumes the extensions.  

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