How to snap a point to a coordinate grid

Snapping a point to a coordinate grid

The following code example creates a point, associates it with the spatial reference of a feature class, positions it in the center of the domain of that spatial reference, then snaps its coordinates to the spatial reference's coordinate grid.
static void snapToSpatialReference(IFeatureClass featureClass)throws Exception{
    if (featureClass == null)
        return ;

    IGeoDataset geoDataset = (IGeoDataset)featureClass;
    ISpatialReference spatialReference = geoDataset.getSpatialReference();
    IPoint point = new Point();

    //The IPoint interface inherits from the IGeometry interface.

    //Assign to the point the mathematical (i.e., full double precision resolution) center of 
    //the x,y domain of this spatial reference.
    double xMin[] = new double[1];
    double yMin[] = new double[1];
    double xMax[] = new double[1];
    double yMax[] = new double[1];
    spatialReference.getDomain(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax);

    point.setX((xMin[0] + xMax[0]) * 0.5);
    point.setY((yMin[0] + yMax[0]) * 0.5);

    //Snap the double precision center of the domain to a location representable in the domain. 
    //Specifically, a multiple of the resolution and offset from the xMin, yMin of the domain.
    System.out.println("Before snapping: " + point.getX() + ", " + point.getY());
    System.out.println("After snapping: " + point.getX() + ", " + point.getY());

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