How to add a raster layer to a map

The code example in this article shows the basic steps to create a raster layer, set a raster renderer, and add it to a map to display.

Adding a raster layer to a map

Use the following code example in your application:
static void addRasterLayer(IActiveView activeView, IRasterDataset rasterDataset,
    IRasterRenderer rasterRenderer)throws Exception{
    //Create a raster layer from a raster dataset. You can also create a RasterLayer from a raster.
    IRasterLayer rasterLayer = new RasterLayer();
    //Set the raster renderer. The default renderer will be used if passing a null value.
    if (rasterRenderer != null){
    //Add it to a map if the layer is valid.
    if (rasterLayer != null){
        IMap map = activeView.getFocusMap();

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