Installing ArcGIS Engine Runtime silently on Windows

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Installation requirements

ArcGIS Engine Runtime can be installed without a user interface (UI) by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters. The following are the requirements:

ArcGIS Engine Runtime required command line parameters

The following are the command line switches to execute the ArcGIS Engine Runtime MSI directly. Use these with the MSI direct commands as required:
ArcGIS Engine Runtime installation location—if not specified, the installation location is %System
Drive%\Program Files\ArcGIS.
Python installation location—if this feature is required and this value is not specified,
the default location is C:\Python24.

Perform a typical installation of ArcGIS Engine Runtime without user interaction

Run the following command from the command line to install ArcGIS Engine Runtime. This example will also install Python to D:\python:

Additional available command line parameters

  • /qb provides basic UI of progress status and error handling
  • /qn provides no UI 
Refer to the Microsoft command line options for more information:

Perform a complete installation of ArcGIS Engine Runtime silently

Run the following command from the command line to install a complete ArcGIS Engine Runtime:

Additional available command line parameters

For an administrative setup, use the /a command line parameter rather than /I. To specify the installation location for a silent administrative installation, the command line property is TARGETDIR rather than INSTALLDIR.

Perform a custom installation of ArcGIS Engine Runtime silently

Run this command from the command line to perform a custom ArcGIS Engine Runtime installation:

ArcGIS Engine Runtime installation features

Specify the following ArcGIS Engine Runtime installation features:
  • All dependencies and relevant files will also be installed with the specified feature.
  • Feature names are case sensitive.

ArcGIS Engine Runtime menu shortcuts

By default, a complete installation of ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.2 or later creates the following shortcuts on the ArcGIS menu (accessed from Start, All Programs or from Start, Programs):
See the following screen shot:
The following command line parameters provide options to display or not display the shortcuts on the ArcGIS menu:
In the following example, ArcGIS Engine Runtime is installed silently without shortcuts:

Install an ArcGIS Engine Runtime service pack

If your application also requires an ArcGIS Engine service pack, you can either instruct your user to download the service pack from the ESRI Support Center or you can provide the service pack (.msp file) on the ArcGIS Engine Runtime CD that you provide.
To check whether the required ArcGIS Engine Runtime service pack has been installed to the target machine, use the Service Pack finder or check for the SPNumber registry key under the following registry hive:
The SPNumber value reflects the service pack number installed. Install the service pack using the following command line:

Perform an uninstallation of ArcGIS Engine Runtime silently

To uninstall a product silently, use the following Windows Installer command:

Product codes for ArcGIS 9.1 products

Any ArcGIS product can be uninstalled silently using the Windows Installer uninstall command, for example:
The following information can be helpful to script the uninstallation of existing ArcGIS 9.1 products:
Globally unique identifier (GUID)
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Desktop Developer Kit
ArcGIS Tutorial Data
ArcInfo Workstation
ArcGIS Engine Runtime
ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit
ArcReader Stand-Alone
ArcGIS Server
ArcGIS Server .NET ADF
ArcGIS Server Java ADF

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Additional Requirements
  • ArcGIS Engine Runtime CD or DVD