How to add or remove a color map from a raster dataset

Adding or removing a color map from a raster dataset

This article demonstrates the steps to add or remove a color map from a raster dataset. The raster dataset has to be a single-band dataset to apply a color map. See the following code example:
static void addRemoveColormap(IRasterDataset rasterDataset, IRasterDataset
    colormapDataset)throws Exception{
    //If the colormapDataset is null, it will remove the colormap.
    //If the colormapDataset is not null, it will add the colormap of the colormapDataset to the input raster.

    //Cast to IRasterDatasetEdit for the colormap operation.
    IRasterDatasetEdit rasterDatasetEdit = new IRasterDatasetEditProxy(rasterDataset)

    //Add a colormap from a given raster dataset.
    if (colormapDataset != null){
        //Get raster colormap from the given raster dataset.
        IRasterBandCollection rasterBandCollection = new IRasterBandCollectionProxy
        IRasterBand rasterBand = rasterBandCollection.item(0);
        IRasterColormap rasterColormap = rasterBand.getColormap();
        if (rasterColormap != null){
        //Remove the raster colormap.

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