How to convert a raster dataset to a JPEG2000 raster dataset

This article shows how to convert a raster dataset to a JPEG2000 file with a specified quality.

Converting a raster dataset to a JPEG2000 raster dataset

The following code example can also be applied to save to a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and other writable raster formats with a little modification of the compression type and format string:
static void convertToJPEG2000(IRasterDataset rasterDataset, IWorkspace
    outputWorkspace)throws Exception{
    //Set storage parameter for compression and quality
    IRasterStorageDef rasterStorage = new RasterStorageDef();

    //Save out to a JP2 file in the output workspace
    ISaveAs2 saveAs = new ISaveAs2Proxy(rasterDataset);
    saveAs.saveAsRasterDataset("output1.jp2", outputWorkspace, "JP2", rasterStorage);

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