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Find Nearby Features SOAP Server Object Extension
/* Copyright 2015 ESRI
* All rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States
* and applicable international laws, treaties, and conventions.
* You may freely redistribute and use this sample code, with or
* without modification, provided you include the original copyright
* notice and use restrictions.
* See the use restrictions at <your ArcGIS install location>/DeveloperKit10.4/userestrictions.txt.
package arcgissamples.soe;


import com.esri.arcgis.carto.ILayerDescriptions;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.IMapLayerInfos;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.IMapServer3;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.IMapServerDataAccess;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.IMapServerInfo;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.IMapServerInfo3;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.LayerDescription;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.LayerResultOptions;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.QueryResult;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.QueryResultOptions;
import com.esri.arcgis.carto.esriQueryResultFormat;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.FeatureClass;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.GeometryResultOptions;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.RecordSet;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.SpatialFilter;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.esriFeatureType;
import com.esri.arcgis.geodatabase.esriSpatialRelEnum;
import com.esri.arcgis.geometry.Point;
import com.esri.arcgis.geometry.Polygon;
import com.esri.arcgis.interop.AutomationException;
import com.esri.arcgis.interop.extn.ArcGISExtension;
import com.esri.arcgis.interop.extn.ServerObjectExtProperties;
import com.esri.arcgis.server.IServerObjectExtension;
import com.esri.arcgis.server.IServerObjectHelper;
import com.esri.arcgis.server.SOAPRequestHandler;
import com.esri.arcgis.system.ILog;
import com.esri.arcgis.system.ServerUtilities;

@ServerObjectExtProperties(displayName = "Java Find Nearby Features SOAP SOE", description = "Java Find Nearby Features SOAP SOE")
public class JavaFindNearbyFeaturesSOAPSOE extends SOAPRequestHandler implements
  IServerObjectExtension, IJavaFindNearbyFeatures {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    private ILog serverLog;
    private IMapServerDataAccess mapServerDataAccess;

    public JavaFindNearbyFeaturesSOAPSOE() throws Exception {

     * IServerObjectExtension methods: This is a mandatory interface that must
     * be supported by all SOEs. This interface is used by the Server Object to
     * manage the lifetime of the SOE and includes two methods: init() and
     * shutdown(). The Server Object cocreates the SOE and calls the init()
     * method handing it a back reference to the Server Object via the Server
     * Object Helper argument. The Server Object Helper implements a weak
     * reference on the Server Object. The extension can keep a strong reference
     * on the Server Object Helper (for example, in a member variable) but
     * should not keep a strong reference on the Server Object.
     * The log entries are merely informative and completely optional.
     * init() is called once, when the instance of the SOE is created.
    public void init(IServerObjectHelper soh) throws IOException,
      AutomationException {
   * An SOE should get the Server Object from the Server Object Helper in
   * order to make any method calls on the Server Object and release the
   * reference after making the method calls.
  this.serverLog = ServerUtilities.getServerLogger();
  this.mapServerDataAccess = (IMapServerDataAccess) soh.getServerObject();
  this.serverLog.addMessage(3, 200, "Initialized "
    + this.getClass().getName() + " SOE.");

     * shutdown() is called once when the Server Object's context is being shut
     * down and is about to go away.
    public void shutdown() throws IOException, AutomationException {
   * The SOE should release its reference on the Server Object Helper.
  this.serverLog.addMessage(3, 200, "Shutting down "
    + this.getClass().getName() + " SOE.");
  this.serverLog = null;
  this.mapServerDataAccess = null;

     * SOAP methods
    public RecordSet findNearbyFeatures(int layerId, Point location,
      double distance) throws Exception {
  IMapServer3 ms = (IMapServer3) this.mapServerDataAccess;
  IMapServerInfo mapServerInfo = ms.getServerInfo(ms.getDefaultMapName());
  String mapName = ms.getDefaultMapName();
  IMapLayerInfos layerInfos = mapServerInfo.getMapLayerInfos();
  int layerCount = layerInfos.getCount();

  // check if layer id is within bounds and points to a feature layer
  if (layerId >= layerCount) {
      throw new Exception(
        "Invalid layer id provided. Please provide a layer id between 0 and "
          + (layerCount - 1)
          + " as associated map service contains only "
          + layerCount + " layers.");
  } else {
      if (!layerInfos.getElement(layerId).isFeatureLayer()) {
    throw new Exception(
      "The layer id provided does not point to a feature layer. Please provide id of a feature layer.");

  FeatureClass fc = new FeatureClass(
    this.mapServerDataAccess.getDataSource(mapName, layerId));
  if (fc.getFeatureType() == esriFeatureType.esriFTSimple) {
      // calculate buffer pg for user specified point
      Polygon buffer = (Polygon) location.buffer(distance);
      if (buffer != null) {
    // create an intersects spatial filter
    SpatialFilter spatialFilter = new SpatialFilter();

    // set result properties
    QueryResultOptions qResultOptions = new QueryResultOptions();
    // query for relevant features using spatial filter
    QueryResult queryResult = (QueryResult) ms.queryData(mapName,
      getLayerDescription(mapServerInfo, layerId),
      spatialFilter, qResultOptions);
    return (RecordSet) queryResult.getObject();

  return null;

     * SOE Util methods
     * Retrieve layer description
    private LayerDescription getLayerDescription(IMapServerInfo mapServerInfo,
      int layerID) {
  try {
      IMapServerInfo3 mapServerInfo3 = (IMapServerInfo3) mapServerInfo;
      ILayerDescriptions layerDescriptions = mapServerInfo3
      for (int i = 0; i < mapServerInfo.getMapLayerInfos().getCount(); i++) {
    LayerDescription layerDescription = (LayerDescription) layerDescriptions
    if (layerDescription.getID() == layerID) {
        GeometryResultOptions geomResultOptions = new GeometryResultOptions();

        LayerResultOptions resultOptions = new LayerResultOptions();

        return layerDescription;
  } catch (AutomationException e) {
  } catch (UnknownHostException e) {
  } catch (IOException e) {

  return null;