Interface IGPItemBrowser

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GPItemBrowser, IGPItemBrowserProxy

public interface IGPItemBrowser

COM Interface 'IGPItemBrowser'. Generated 3/19/2015 1:21:02 PM from 'C:\ArcGIS\COM\esriSearch.tlb'

Description: 'Browse a catalog path for folder/database and create indexes through an assgined Indexer.' Generator Options: PromptForTypeLibraries = False ClashPrefix = esri_ LowerCaseMemberNames = True IDispatchOnly = False RetryOnReject = False AwtForOcxs = True ArraysAsObjects = False DontRenameSameMethods = False ImplementConflictingInterfaces = True ReuseMethods = True RenameConflictingInterfaceMethods = True GenBeanInfo = True GenerateJavadoc =

Field Summary
static java.lang.String IID
          Deprecated. Internal use only
static int IID3b9ec21b_923c_48ec_b4f2_8c08b2678eb6
static int xxDummy
          Deprecated. Internal use only
Method Summary
 void buildIndex(IDataSourceConfiguration pDataSourceConfig, IPropertySet pIndexingConfig, IItemIndex pIItemIndex)
          Build index with indexing helper.

Field Detail


static final int IID3b9ec21b_923c_48ec_b4f2_8c08b2678eb6
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static final int xxDummy
Deprecated. Internal use only
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static final java.lang.String IID
Deprecated. Internal use only
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Method Detail


void buildIndex(IDataSourceConfiguration pDataSourceConfig,
                IPropertySet pIndexingConfig,
                IItemIndex pIItemIndex)
Build index with indexing helper.

pDataSourceConfig - A reference to a (in)
pIndexingConfig - A reference to a com.esri.arcgis.system.IPropertySet (in)
pIItemIndex - A reference to a (in)
Throws: - If there are interop problems.
AutomationException - If the ArcObject component throws an exception.