Select features using spatial relationships

This sample demonstrates how to use a spatial filter and the relation enumerator to select features based on the existence (or lack of existence) of intersections between the interior, exterior, and boundary of a search graphic and the members of a feature class. By adjusting the tested relationships, all the other spatial relation enumerators can be duplicated and other relationships explored.
This application uses the following information:
  • Location of an input dataset
  • Name of the input dataset

How to use

See How to use ArcGIS samples for help on running the sample.

  1. Start Visual Studio.
  2. Run the application. Results are written to the console.

If you installed the samples feature, you will find the files associated with this sample in <Your Developer Kit install location>\DeveloperKit10.4\Java\Samples\ArcObjects.

geodatabase/ Main class.

Additional Requirements
  • US States and Counties data (recommended)

Development licensing Deployment licensing
Engine Developer Kit Engine
ArcGIS for Desktop Basic