How to set SymbologyControl properties

This topic shows how the various properties of the SymbologyControl can be set by clicking a button. Use the Java Property Editor of the SymbologyControl to set visual properties and style files during design time.

Setting SymbologyControl properties

Do the following to set SymbologyControl properties:
  1. Create an ArcGIS Engine Project in the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) with an ArcGIS plug-in, then build a simple visual application using the SymbologyControl. See the following screen shot:

  2. Right-click the SymbologyControl and choose Customize Java Bean. The Java Property Editor dialog box appears. The visual properties of the SymbologyControl, such as border style, appearance, background color, mouse pointer, and display style can be set using the Java Property Editor. See the following screen shot:

    The following table explains the other areas that can be selected under the General tab:
SymbologyControl methods
Default value
Indicates whether the SymbologyControl can respond to user generated events.
Show Context Menu
Determines whether the Style Class context menu appears when the user right clicks the control.
Arrow Key Intercept
A property that specifies interception of key strokes that are normally handled by the container. When intercepted, the OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp events will be called.
  1. Do the following to set the style files of the SymbologyControl:
    1. Click the Styles tab.
    2. Click the Open folder icon. The Open dialog box appears.
    3. On the Open dialog box, navigate to the folder containing the style files.
    4. Select the applicable style file and click the Open button. The name and location of the style file appears on the text box.
    5. Click Add to add it to the list of style files in the SymbologyControl.
    6. Repeat the previous steps as many times your business logic requires.
    7. To remove the added files, select the applicable style file and click Remove.

      See the following screen shot:

  1. Alternatively, the properties of the SymbologyControl can also be modified using the properties window in Eclipse IDE. See the following screen shot:

The SymbologyControl property editor avoids the redundant code that a developer might need to write multiple times. It presents a convenient interface for developers to initialize a simple ArcGIS Engine application.

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