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Customizing the geodatabase (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Customizing the geodatabase

This topic describes the types of custom components that can be integrated into the geodatabase application programming interface (API) and provides references to topics with more information.

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Geodatabase extensions

Geodatabase extensions allow developers to associate custom behavior with geodatabases and geodatabase datasets. A common example of this is the Timestamper class extension, which defines event handlers that automatically populate Date and Time fields when a feature is created or modified in a class that has the extension applied to it. For more information about geodatabase extensions, see the following topics:

Plug-in data sources

Plug-in data sources provide developers with a mechanism for integrating custom data sources into the ArcGIS framework in a read-only manner. Implementing a plug-in data source allows users to consume feature data from the data source as though it were provided with ArcGIS out-of-the-box. For example, datasets can be viewed in ArcCatalog, added to ArcMap as feature layers, or passed to a geoprocessing tool. Plug-in data sources are typically created for proprietary or non-standard data sources. For more information about plug-in data sources, see the following topics:

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