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DataSourcesGDB Namespace Contents (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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DataSourcesGDB Namespace Contents

The DataSourcesGDB library contains the workspace factories and workspaces for vector and raster data formats supported by the GeoDatabase that are stored within an RDBMS.


Interface Description
IDatabaseLockInfo Infomation about database locks.
IDatabaseLocksInfo Methods for getting information about locks in a database.
IDataServerManager Provides access to the DataServerManager object.
IDataServerManagerAdmin Provides access to administration functions of a Data Server.
IEnumDatabaseLockInfo An enumeration of locks in a database.
IFileGDBLockWaiting File GeoDatabase interface to control write lock waiting.
IServiceControl Provides access to members controlling the database service.


Class Description
AccessWorkspaceFactory Esri Access Workspace Factory.
DataServerManager Object to administer a Data Server.
FgdbFeatureClassName File GeoDatabase Feature Class Name object.
FgdbTableName File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
FileGDBScratchWorkspaceFactory File GeoDatabase Scratch Workspace Factory.
FileGDBWorkspaceFactory File GeoDatabase Workspace Factory.
ScratchWorkspaceFactory Scratch workspace factory object (singleton).
Sde3Workspace Esri SDE (3.x) Feature Database.
Sde4Workspace Esri SDE (4.x) Feature Database.
SdeWorkspaceFactory Esri SDE Workspace Factory.
SqlWorkspace Sql workspace
SqlWorkspaceFactory Sql workspace factory


Enumeration Description
esriDataServerStatusType Data Server status.
esriDataServerType Data Server types.
esriGeodatabasePermissionsType Geodatabase permissions.
sdeError ArcSDE error codes mapped to HRESULTs.