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Maplex (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Developing with the Maplex extension

The Maplex for ArcGIS extension allows you to control how labels are placed relative to features, how labels are modified or reduced to allow more label placement when the available space is constrained, and how conflicts between labels are resolved when the available space is limited. The Maplex library contains objects that control the Maplex label placement engine. It is the main library of the Maplex for ArcGIS extension. It contains the principal object, MaplexOverposter, that represents the placement engine itself, and MaplexAnnotateMap that is used to create annotation and perform dynamic labeling. Use these objects in conjunction with the Maplex placement property objects that are contained in the Carto library. In general, refer to the Maplex objects in the Carto library to fully understand the Maplex object model.
See Working with labels and annotation for an overview of the labeling available to you when working with Maplex.

Enabling the Maplex extension

The extension must be enabled to be used. See How to use extensions for details. This extension has the esriLicenseExtensionCode esriLicenseExtensionCodeMLE. Use the MaplexExtension class to manage the licensing when working in ArcGIS Desktop applications. This class has the ProgID esriMaplexUI.MaplexExtension and the CLSID 20664808-0045-0991-BBFE-1CAC27A0328A.

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