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Error report registry settings (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Error report registry settings

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About error report registry settings

ESRI recommends that developers only modify these settings during internal development of their own customization before deploying to end users. Under no circumstances should developers have users of their deployed customization redirect the error reporting mechanism so that crash information is no longer sent to ESRI.

Registry settings
ArcGIS administrators and developers can configure how the error reports operate for their organization by customizing the local machine registry. By default, EnableErrorReport, ShowErrorDialog, and EnableWebService are set to true.
Use the registry keys in the following table to customize the error reporting. In your computer's registry, navigate to HKCU\Software\ESRI\Settings\ErrorReports and create keys as necessary.
Results of incorrectly modifying the registry
Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using the Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems can require that you reinstall the operating system. Before you edit the registry, export the keys in the registry that you plan to edit or back up the whole registry. If a problem occurs, follow the steps in the "Restore the registry" section to restore the registry to its previous state. 
Registry key name
DWORD (0 or 1)
If set to 0, error reporting is disabled. A dialog box appears that shows an error has occurred. An error report (.dmp) file is saved to disk.
DWORD (0 or 1)
If set to 0, a dialog box does not appear. The error report is only saved to your local disk location (not sent to ESRI).
The e-mail address that shows in the dialog box when EnableWebService is set to false (default The error report is saved to your local disk location.
The e-mail address sent to the Web service. The error report is saved to your local disk location.
DWORD (0 or 1)
If set to 1, send the error reports to the Web service. The error report is saved to your local disk location.
DWORD (0 to 100)
The number of error reports to save on your disk. The error report is saved to your local disk location.