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Extensions (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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The information in this topic is useful if you're trying to programmatically find an ESRI extension. The IApplication.FindExtensionByCLSID, IApplication.FindExtensionByName, and IExtensionManager.FindExtension methods can be used to get a reference to a specific extension. These methods require the unique identifier (UID) or name of the object you're trying to find.

The first table in this document shows all of the ESRI extension products. These are the extension that show up in the Extensions dialog box in ArcMap or ArcCatalog. The second table shows all of the core extensions that are always loaded into ArcMap. The third table shows all of the core extensions that are always loaded into ArcCatalog.

ESRI Extensions Products

Product Name Name GUID (CLSID) GUID (ProgID)
Tracking Analyst Tracking Analyst {D53BF20F-24FB-11D4-B34C-00104BA2ABCC} esriTrackingAnalystUI.TAExtension


ESRI ArcMap Core Extensions

Esri Route Events Application Extension {0050490F-E5E4-463F-AC40-5121E4816743} esriLocationUI.RouteEventsAppExtension
Esri Route Hatching Extension {AED6E9C7-C161-439D-B816-A9066A2A29FA} esriLocationUI.HatchExtension
Esri ArcToolbox {BD6262BC-D9D4-4B93-87E0-E442702D93E6} esriGeoprocessingUI.ArcToolboxExtension
Tracking Environment {C88A0E93-855F-11D7-B877-00010265ADC5} esriTrackingAnalyst.TrackingEngineUtil


ESRI ArcCatalog Core Extensions

Tracking Environment {C88A0E93-855F-11D7-B877-00010265ADC5} esriTrackingAnalyst.TrackingEngineUtil
Tracking Environment {C88A0E93-855F-11D7-B877-00010265ADC5} esriTrackingAnalyst.TrackingEngineUtil