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GeoprocessingUI Namespace Contents (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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GeoprocessingUI Namespace Contents


Interface Description
IArcQuery Provides access to the methods on an Arc Info Query object.
IArcQueryBuilder Provides access to the methods on an Arc Info Query Builder object.
IArcQuerys Provides access to the methods on a collection of Arc Info Query objects.
IArcToolbox Provides access to methods on the ArcToolbox object.
IArcToolbox2 Provides access to methods on the ArcToolbox object.
IArcToolboxExtension Provides access to methods on the ArcToolbox extension object.
IEnumMDControls MD Control Enumeration Interface.
IGPToolCommand Provides access to toolbox's tool.
ILreEventPropertiesCtrl Provides access to route event property control.
IMdArcInfoItemCtrl Provides access to Arc Info item control.
IMdArcInfoItemListCtrl Provides access to Arc Info item list control.
IMdAreaUnitCtrl Provides access to the area unit control.
IMdAssignFieldAlias2Ctrl Provides access to assign field alias control.
IMdAssignFieldAliasCtrl Provides access to assign field alias control.
IMdAttributeMapCtrl Provides access to the attribute map control.
IMdBatchCtrl Provides access to the batch control.
IMdBooleanCtrl Provides access to boolean control.
IMdCalculatorCtrl Provides access to the calculator control.
IMdCellSizeXYCtrl Provides access to cellsize control.
IMdCLFieldMapCtrl IMdCLFieldMapCtrl Interface
IMdCLSelectionCriteriaCtrl IMdSelectionCriteriaCtrl Interface
IMdCompositeCtrl Provides access to composite control.
IMdControlSupport Provides access to the support methods on an element control object.
IMdDatasetCtrl Provides access to dataset control.
IMdDateCtrl Provides access to date control.
IMdDoubleCtrl Provides access to double control.
IMdDynamicListCtrl Provides access to dynamic list control.
IMdElementCtrl Provides access to the methods on an element control object.
IMdElementCtrl2 Provides access to the methods on an element control object.
IMdElementDialog Provides access to the methods on an element dialog object.
IMdElementDialogEvents Provides access to element dialog events.
IMdElementEditor Provides access to the methods on an element editor object.
IMdElementEditorCallback Provides access to the methods on an element editor callback object.
IMdEnvelopeCtrl Provides access to envelope control.
IMdEnvSpatRefCtrl Provides access to environment spatial reference control.
IMdExtent2Ctrl Provides access to the Extent2 control
IMdExtentCtrl Provides access to extent control.
IMdFeatureClassCtrl Provides access to Arc Info feature class control.
IMdFieldCtrl Provides access to field control.
IMdFieldInfoCtrl Provides access to field info control.
IMdFieldListCtrl Provides access to field list control.
IMdFieldMapCtrl Provides access to the field map control.
IMdFileCtrl Provides access to file control.
IMdFRSCtrl Provides access to feature record set control.
IMdGeoTransformationCtrl Provides access to the geotransformation control
IMdGraphDataCtrl Provides access to the graph data control.
IMdInfoQueryCtrl Provides access to Arc Info query control.
IMdLinearUnitCtrl Provides access to linear unit control.
IMdLineSimplifyCtrl Provides access to line simplify control.
IMdListCtrl Provides access to list control.
IMdLocaleIDCtrl Provides access to locale ID control.
IMdLocatorStyleCtrl Provides access to locator style control.
IMdLongCtrl Provides access to long control.
IMdMakeQueryTableCtrl Provides access to the make query table control.
IMdMDFuncNamesCtrl Provides access to mosaic dataset location control.
IMdMDomainCtrl Provides access to the M domain control.
IMdMultiCtrl Provides access to multi value control.
IMdPasswordCtrl Provides access to the password control.
IMdPointCtrl Provides access to point control.
IMdRadioCtrl Provides access to the radio control.
IMdRandomDistributionCtrl IMdRandomDistributionCtrl Interface
IMdRandomGeneratorCtrl IMdRandomGeneratorCtrl Interface
IMdRasterGDBEnvCompressionCtrl Provides access to raster environment GDB compression control.
IMdRasterGDBEnvPyramidCtrl Provides access to raster environment GDB pyramid control.
IMdRasterGDBEnvStatisticsCtrl Provides access to raster environment GDB statistics control.
IMdRasterGDBEnvTileSizeCtrl Provides access to raster environment GDB tile size control.
IMdRasterInputCtrl Provides access to the raster type control.
IMdRasterTypeCtrl Provides access to the raster type control.
IMdRSCtrl Provides access to record set control.
IMdSimpleTableCtrl Provides access to a simple table control.
IMdSliderCtrl Provides access to the slider control.
IMdSpatialReferenceCtrl Provides access to spatial reference control.
IMdStaticTextCtrl Provides access to the static text control.
IMdStringCtrl Provides access to string control.
IMdStringHiddenCtrl Provides access to hidden string control.
IMdTableCtrl Provides access to value table control.
IMdTextEditorCtrl Provides access to the TextEditor control
IMdTimeFormatCtrl Provides access to time format control.
IMdTimeZoneCtrl Provides access to time zone control.
IMdValueTableCtrl Provides access to the value table control.
IMdWhereClauseCtrl Provides access to where clause control.
IMdXYDomainCtrl Provides access to the XY domain control.
IMdZDomainCtrl Provides access to the Z domain control.
IProtectNameGeoprocessingUI Provides access to dummy methods protecting name correctness.


Class Description
EditMetadataToolMenuItem Edit Metadata Tool Menu Item.
ExportScriptToolMenuItems Export Script Tool Menu Item.
GPBooleanPropertyPage Geoprocessing Boolean Property Page.
GPConstantPropertyPage Geoprocessing Constant Property Page.
GPCoverageToolCommand The Geoprocessoring coverage tool command.
GPDatePropertyPage Geoprocessing Date Property Page.
GPDoublePropertyPage Geoprocessing Double Property Page.
GPFeatureSetPropertyPage Geoprocessing Feature Set Property Page.
GPFilePropertyPage Geoprocessing File Property Page.
GPGenericParameterPropertyPage Geoprocessing Parameter Property Page.
GpkEditorCommand Command to launch the Gpk Editor.
GPLayerPropertyPage Geoprocessing Layer Property Page.
GPLinearUnitPropertyPage Geoprocessing Linear Unit Property Page.
GPLongPropertyPage Geoprocessing Long Property Page.
GPOutputPropertyPage Geoprocessing Output Property Page.
GPServiceParametersPropertyPage Geoprocessing Service Property Page.
GPStringPropertyPage Geoprocessing String Property Page.
GPSystemToolCommand The Geoprocessoring system tool command.
GPTaskPropertiesPropertyPage Geoprocessing Task Properties Property Page.
GPToolCommand The Geoprocessoring custom tool command.
GPToolCommandManager The Geoprocessoring tool command manager.
ImportScriptToolMenuItems Import Script Tool Menu Item.
LreEventPropertiesCtrl Control for setting route event properties.
MdArcInfoItemCtrl Control for selecting a coverage item.
MdArcInfoItemListCtrl Control for selecting multiple coverage items.
MdAreaUnitCtrl Control for setting area unit properties.
MdAssignFieldAlias2Ctrl Control for setting field alias properties.
MdAssignFieldAliasCtrl Control for setting field alias properties.
MdAttributeMapCtrl Control for an attribute map
MdBatchCtrl MdBatchCtrl Class
MdBooleanCtrl Control for setting a boolean value.
MdCalculatorCtrl Control for calculating field values.
MdCellSizeXYCtrl Control for setting cellsize properties.
MdCLFieldMapCtrl Control for editing input field mapping for a Composite Locator
MdCLSelectionCriteriaCtrl Control for setting selection criteria for a Composite Locator
MdCompositeCtrl Control for setting composite value properties.
MdDatasetCtrl Control for selecting a dataset.
MdDateCtrl Control for setting a date.
MdDefaultElementDialog Default Geoprocessing Element Dialog.
MdDoubleCtrl Control for setting a double value.
MdDynamicListCtrl Control for selecting an item from a dynamic list.
MdElementDialogEventsHelper Helper for working with IMdElementDialogEvents.
MdEnvelopeCtrl Control for setting enevelope properties.
MdEnvSpatRefCtrl Control for setting environment spatial reference properties.
MdExtent2Ctrl Control for setting extent properties.
MdExtentCtrl Control for setting extent properties.
MdFeatureClassCtrl Control for setting a coverage feature class.
MdFieldCtrl Control for selecting a field.
MdFieldInfoCtrl Control for setting field map properties.
MdFieldListCtrl Control for selecting multiple fields.
MdFieldMapCtrl Control for setting field map properties.
MdFileCtrl Control for selecting a file.
MdFRSCtrl Control for setting feature record set properties.
MdGeoTransformationCtrl Control for setting geographic transformation methods/parameters
MdGraphDataCtrl Control for setting graph data and parameters.
MdInfoQueryCtrl Control for setting a coverage query.
MdLinearUnitCtrl Control for setting linear unit properties.
MdLineSimplifyCtrl Control for setting line simplify properties.
MdListCtrl Control for selecting an item from a list.
MdLocaleIDCtrl Control for locale ID.
MdLocatorStyleCtrl Control for setting locator style.
MdLongCtrl Control for setting a long value.
MdMakeQueryTableCtrl Control for selecting specific fields to generate the query table, and setting their alias.
MdMDFuncNamesCtrl Control for mosaic dataset function location.
MdMDomainCtrl Control for setting M Domain extent and precision.
MdMultiCtrl Control for setting multi values.
MdPasswordCtrl Control for providing password protection.
MdPointCtrl Control for setting point properties.
MdRadioCtrl Control for making a unique choice.
MdRandomDistributionCtrl MdRandomDistributionCtrl Class
MdRandomGeneratorCtrl MdRandomGeneratorCtrl Class
MdRasterGDBEnvCompressionCtrl Control for setting environment GDB compression properties.
MdRasterGDBEnvPyramidCtrl Control for setting environment GDB pyramid properties.
MdRasterGDBEnvStatisticsCtrl Control for setting environment GDB statistics properties.
MdRasterGDBEnvTileSizeCtrl Control for setting environment GDB tile size properties.
MdRasterInputCtrl Control for setting raster type properties.
MdRasterTypeCtrl Control for setting raster type properties.
MdRSCtrl Control for setting record set properties.
MdSimpleTableCtrl Control for setting band definition properties.
MdSliderCtrl Control for displaying range domain values.
MdSpatialReferenceCtrl Control for setting spatial reference properties.
MdStaticTextCtrl Control for displaying static text.
MdStringCtrl Control for setting a string.
MdStringHiddenCtrl Control for setting a hidden string.
MdTableCtrl Control for setting value table properties.
MdTextEditorCtrl Texteditor control to allow user modify, copy and paste multiple string line
MdTimeFormatCtrl Control for time format properties.
MdTimeZoneCtrl Control for time zone.
MdValueTableCtrl Control for a value table.
MdWhereClauseCtrl Control for setting where clause expression.
MdXYDomainCtrl Control for setting XY Domain extent and precision.
MdZDomainCtrl Control for setting Z Domain extent and precision.
SetScriptPasswordToolMenuItems Set Script Password Tool Menu Item.
ViewMetadataToolMenuItem View Metadata Tool Menu Item.


Structure Description


Enumeration Description
esriElementDialogButtonType Type that describes the buttons visible on the element dialog.