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IClassBreaksUIProperties Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IClassBreaksUIProperties Interface

Provides access to members that control some user interface properties of a ClassBreaksRenderer. The properties set through this interface do NOT affect what is drawn on the map.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IClassBreaksUIProperties affects the properties of the user interface for ClassBreakRenderer objects (Graduated colors and Graduated symbols). Setting properties on this interface does NOT affect the map display.  Instead, changes made through this interface affect what appears on the layer symbology dialog.  Typically these changes will reflect real changes made to the renderer properties through IClassBreaksRenderer.

When To Use

Use this interface to make changes to the user interface for a ClassBreaksRenderer.


Name Description
Read/write property ColorRamp File and path name of the color ramp.
Read/write property DeviationInterval Deviation interval (0-1), where 0 means that no deviation is used.
Read/write property LowBreak Lower bound of the class at the specified index.
Read/write property Method Classification method.
Read/write property NumberFormat Number format for class labels.
Read/write property ShowClassGaps Indicates if each lower bound is adjusted up to the nearest existing data value.

Classes that implement IClassBreaksUIProperties

Classes Description
ClassBreaksRenderer A renderer that can be used to draw graduated color (choropleth) and graduated symbol maps.
LasPointElevationRenderer LasDataset point renderer component.
TerrainPointAttributeRenderer Terrain point renderer component.
TerrainPointElevationRenderer Terrain point renderer component.
TinAspectRenderer TIN aspect renderer component.
TinElevationRenderer TIN elevation renderer component.
TinNodeElevationRenderer TIN node elevation renderer component.
TinSlopeRenderer TIN slope renderer component.


This interface is used by layer properties dialog's symbology tab to store additional values reflecting what the user has chosen. The properties of this interface are not parameters to rendering features, however keeping these values up-to-date keeps the ArcGIS layer user interface consistent with the current renderer settings. For example, the LowBreak values appear on the layer properties dialog's symbology tab in the Range column to complete the list of class ranges. Only the upper value of each class actually affects rendering, but by calculating the LowBreak values you keep the class list up to date and looking nice for the dialog users.

See the associated example for use of this interface.