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IComPropertySheetEvents Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IComPropertySheetEvents Interface

Provides access to events that occur on a COM property sheet.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The IComPropertySheetEvents interface as a single method called OnApply. Call OnApply to notify other parts of the application that the objects passed to the property sheet have been edited.


Name Description
Method OnApply Occurs when changes are applied.

Classes that implement IComPropertySheetEvents

Classes Description
BackgroundSelector (esriCartoUI) Background style selector.
BorderSelector (esriCartoUI) Border style selector.
ComPropertySheet (esriFramework) COM Property Sheet Object.
ComPropertySheetEventsListener (esriSystemUtility) Helper coclass to provide IComPropertySheetEvents support to the C++ API.
ComPropertySheetEventsProxyHelper ComPropertySheetEvents proxy source helper object.
GxCatalog (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents the catalog.
GxComBrowser (esriCatalogUI) Provides access to GX browser dialog.
GxDataGraph (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents data graph.
GxLayer (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a layer.
HatchStyleSelector (esriLocationUI) Style selector for hatches.
LabelStyleSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for labels.
LegendItemSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for legend items.
MapGridSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for map grids.
MaplexLabelStyleSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for Maplex labels.
NorthArrowSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for north arrows.
ScaleBarSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for scalebars.
ScaleTextSelector (esriCartoUI) Style selector for scale text.
ShadowSelector (esriCartoUI) Shadow style selector.
StyleManagerDialog (esriDisplayUI) Use this Dialog to manage the contents of the style gallery.
TOCCatalogView (esriArcMapUI) Esri TOC Catalog View.
TOCDisplayView (esriArcMapUI) Esri TOC Display View.
TOCGMxCatalogView (esriArcGlobe) Esri TOC GMx Catalog View.
TOCGMxDisplayView (esriArcGlobe) Esri TOC GMx Display View.
TOCGMxTypeView (esriArcGlobe) Esri TOC GMx Type View.
TOCSxCatalogView (esriArcScene) Esri TOC Sx Catalog View.
TOCSxDisplayView (esriArcScene) Esri TOC Sx Display View.
VectorizationStyleSelector (esriArcScan) Style selector for vectorization.