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IDEGeoDatasetType Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IDEGeoDatasetType Interface

Provides access to the GeoDataset Data Element Type.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Classes that implement IDEGeoDatasetType

Classes Description
DECadastralFabricType (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri Cadastral Fabric Data Element Type Object.
DECadDrawingDatasetType (esriDataSourcesFile) CadDrawing Dataset Data Element object Type.
DECoverageFeatureClassType (esriDataSourcesFile) CoverageFeatureClass Data Element object Type.
DECoverageType (esriDataSourcesFile) Coverage Data Element object Type.
DEFeatureClassType Feature Class Data Element object Type.
DEFeatureDatasetType Feature Dataset Data Element object Type.
DEGeoDatasetType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoDataset Data Element Data Type.
DEGeometricNetworkType GeometricNetwork Data Type object.
DELasDatasetType (esriDataSourcesFile) LAS Dataset Data Element object Type.
DELayerType (esriDataSourcesFile) Layer Data Element object Type.
DENetworkDatasetType Network Dataset Data Element Type object.
DERasterBandType RasterBand Data Element object Type.
DERasterCatalogType Raster Catalog Data Element Type object.
DERasterDatasetType RasterDataset Data Element object Type.
DESchematicDiagramType (esriSchematic) Schematic Diagram Data Element object Type.
DEShapeFileType (esriDataSourcesFile) ShapeFile Data Element object Type.
DETerrainType (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Terrain Data Element object Type.
DETinType (esriDataSourcesFile) Tin Data Element object Type.
DEVPFCoverageType (esriDataSourcesFile) DEVPFCoverage Dataset Data Element object Type.
GPCadastralFabricLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Cadastral Fabric Layer Data Type.
GPCompositeLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Composite Layer Data Type.
GPFeatureLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Feature Layer Data Type.
GPGALayerType (esriGeoStatisticalAnalyst) Geoprocessing Geostatistical layer type object.
GPGroupLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Group Layer Data Type.
GPLasDatasetLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Las Dataset Layer Data Type.
GPLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Layer Data Type.
GPMosaicLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Mosaic Layer Data Type.
GPNALayerType (esriNetworkAnalyst) Geoprocessing network analyst layer data type.
GPNetworkDatasetLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Network Dataset Layer Type object.
GPRasterCatalogLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Raster Catalog Layer Data Type.
GPRasterFormulatedType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessor GP RasterFormulated object Type.
GPRasterLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Raster Layer Data Type.
GPSAGeoDataType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessor GPSAGeoData object Type.
GPTerrainLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Terrain Layer Data Type.
GPTinLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Tin Layer Data Type.
GPTopologyLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Topology Layer Data Type.