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IDimensionStyleDisplay Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IDimensionStyleDisplay Interface

Provides access to members that control a dimension style's display.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The IDimensionStyleDisplay interface is used to control the display properties of the various parts of a dimension feature.


Name Description
Read/write property BaselineHeight Height of the construction for creating baseline dimensions with this style.
Read/write property BeginMarkerSymbol Symbol used for the begin arrow.
Read/write property DimensionLineDisplay Dimension line display of the style.
Read/write property DimensionLineSymbol Symbol used for the dimension line.
Read/write property DrawLineOnFit Indicates if a dimension line should be drawn between the extension lines for an inward dimension.
Read/write property EndMarkerSymbol Symbol used for the end arrow.
Read/write property ExtensionLineDisplay Extension line display of the style.
Read/write property ExtensionLineOffset Length of the extension line offset.
Read/write property ExtensionLineOvershot Length of the extension line overshot.
Read/write property ExtensionLineSymbol Symbol used for the extension lines.
Read/write property MarkerDisplay Arrow display of the style.
Read/write property MarkerFit Arrow fit policy of the style.
Read/write property MarkerFitTolerance Arrow fit tolerance of the style.

Classes that implement IDimensionStyleDisplay

Classes Description
DimensionStyle A container of properties which dictate how a dimension feature is displayed.


The IDimensionStyleDisplay interface uses the following enumerations to indicate the drawing properties of several of a dimension feature's elements:

The esriDimensionDisplay enumeration defines four values for use with several properties:

esriDimensionDisplayBoth  - Displays the Beginning and Ending element.
esriDimensionDisplayBegin - Displays only the Beginning element.
esriDimensionDisplayEnd - Displays only the Ending element.
esriDimensionDisplayNone - Turns off display of both elements.

The MarkerFit property controls a Dimension�s behavior for fitting the text and label. The esriDimensionMarkerFit enumeration defines three values:

esriDimensionMarkerFitNone - Do not attempt to fit.
esriDimensionMarkerFitTolerance - Move markers to outside of extension lines if the MarkerFitTolerance is exceeded.
esriDimensionMarkerFitText - Move markers to outside if colliding with text. This option does not apply to custom text positions.

When the markers are moved because of a fit, a line will be drawn between the markers based on the DrawLineOnFit property. The BaselineHeight property specifies the height above the selected dimension feature that new dimension featrues will be created when using the Baseline Dimension tool.

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