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IEditProperties2 Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IEditProperties2 Interface

Provides access to more members that control the properties of an edit session.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Read/write property AngularCorrectionOffset Angular Correction Offset.
Read/write property AngularUnitPrecision Precision used to display angular units.
Read/write property DirectionType Direction Type.
Read/write property DirectionUnits Direction Units.
Read/write property DistanceCorrectionFactor Distance Correction Factor.
Read/write property SnapTips Indicates whether to show the snap tips.
Read/write property StickyMoveTolerance Controls the sticky move tolerance.
Read/write property UseGroundToGrid Indicates whether to use Ground to Grid.

Classes that implement IEditProperties2

Classes Description
Editor The Object Editor Extension.


The IEditProperties2 interface provides additional parameters to control the editor's behavior. 


Casting the IEditProperties2 interface to the IEditor interface will allow access to set the direction units and direction type. Get a reference to IApplication by hook in the OnCreate method.

    private void SetEditingAngularUnits()
      IEditor m_editor;
      UID uID = new UID();
      uID.Value = "esriEditor.Editor";
      m_editor = m_application.FindExtensionByCLSID(uID) as IEditor;
      IEditProperties2 editProperties2 = m_editor as IEditProperties2;
      editProperties2.DirectionUnits = esriDirectionUnits.esriDUDegreesMinutesSeconds;
      editProperties2.DirectionType = esriDirectionType.esriDTQuadrantBearing;
[Visual Basic .NET]

A reference to IApplication (app) comes from the OnCreate hook parameter.

Public Sub SetEditingAngularUnits()
    Dim editor as IEditor
    Dim editProperties2 As IEditProperties2
    Dim uID As New UID 
    uID.Value = "esriEditor.Editor"
    m_Editor = app.FindExtensionByCLSID(uID)
    editProperties2 = editor
    editProperties2.DirectionUnits = esriDirectionUnits.esriDUDecimalDegrees
    editProperties2.DirectionType = esriDirectionType.esriDTQuadrantBearing
    editProperties2.UseGroundToGrid = False
  End Sub