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IFeatureConstruction.AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IFeatureConstruction.AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor Method

Adds polygons to the specified feature class by combining existing polygons with the specified line source.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor ( _
    ByVal FeatureClass As IFeatureClass, _
    ByVal processingBounds As IEnvelope, _
    ByVal lineSrc As IFeatureCursor, _
    ByVal InvalidArea As IInvalidArea, _
    ByVal ClusterTolerance As Double, _
    ByVal selectionWorkspace As IWorkspace, _
    ByRef SelectionSet As ISelectionSet _
public void AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor (
    IFeatureClass FeatureClass,
    IEnvelope processingBounds,
    IFeatureCursor lineSrc,
    IInvalidArea InvalidArea,
    double ClusterTolerance,
    IWorkspace selectionWorkspace,
    ref ISelectionSet SelectionSet
HRESULT AutoCompleteFromFeaturesFromCursor(
  IFeatureClass* FeatureClass,
  IEnvelope* processingBounds,
  IFeatureCursor* lineSrc,
  IInvalidArea* InvalidArea,
  double ClusterTolerance,
  IWorkspace* selectionWorkspace,
  ISelectionSet** SelectionSet

FeatureClass is a parameter of type IFeatureClass* processingBounds
processingBounds is a parameter of type IEnvelope* lineSrc
lineSrc is a parameter of type IFeatureCursor* InvalidArea
InvalidArea is a parameter of type IInvalidArea* ClusterTolerance
ClusterTolerance is a parameter of type double selectionWorkspace
selectionWorkspace is a parameter of type IWorkspace* SelectionSet [out]
SelectionSet is a parameter of type ISelectionSet**

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


This method is similar to AutoCompleteFromFeatures, but uses a FeatureCursor for defining input features.

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