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IFeatureConstruction.ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IFeatureConstruction.ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures Method

Constructs polygons into the feature class, using the map's polyline selection as the feature source.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures ( _
    ByVal cancel As ICancelOperation, _
    ByVal FeatureClass As IFeatureClass, _
    ByVal processingBounds As IEnvelope, _
    ByVal modifyExisting As Boolean, _
    ByVal replaceTargetSelection As Boolean, _
    ByVal lineSrc As IEnumFeature, _
    ByVal InvalidArea As IInvalidArea, _
    ByVal ClusterTolerance As Double, _
    ByVal labels As IFeatureClass _
public void ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures (
    ICancelOperation cancel,
    IFeatureClass FeatureClass,
    IEnvelope processingBounds,
    bool modifyExisting,
    bool replaceTargetSelection,
    IEnumFeature lineSrc,
    IInvalidArea InvalidArea,
    double ClusterTolerance,
    IFeatureClass labels
HRESULT ConstructPolygonsFromFeatures(
  ICancelOperation* cancel,
  IFeatureClass* FeatureClass,
  IEnvelope* processingBounds,
  VARIANT_BOOL modifyExisting,
  VARIANT_BOOL replaceTargetSelection,
  IEnumFeature* lineSrc,
  IInvalidArea* InvalidArea,
  double ClusterTolerance,
  IFeatureClass* labels

cancel is a parameter of type ICancelOperation* FeatureClass
FeatureClass is a parameter of type IFeatureClass* processingBounds
processingBounds is a parameter of type IEnvelope* modifyExisting
modifyExisting is a parameter of type bool replaceTargetSelection
replaceTargetSelection is a parameter of type bool lineSrc
lineSrc is a parameter of type IEnumFeature* InvalidArea
InvalidArea is a parameter of type IInvalidArea* ClusterTolerance
ClusterTolerance is a parameter of type double labels
labels is a parameter of type IFeatureClass*

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Constructs polygons into the target feature class, using the map's selection as the feature source. The selection can contain polylines and polygons. If polygons are included in the selection, their boundaries will be used and will simply act as additional polylines being considered for target polygon construction. Multi-part input polygons will not appear as multi-part polygons in target.

If bModifyExisting is true, then the specified �processing bounds� envelope will be used to search for existing polygons in the target feature. Those polygons will be integrated with any polygons constructed from the input linework. Other than that, existing polygons have no influence on the nature of the constructed polygons. The processing bounds parameter can be nil if bModifyExisting is false.

If bReplaceTargetSelection is true, then the selected features that are already in the target feature class will be replaced by their planarized versions, otherwise the planarized versions will be added in addition to the originals, resulting in overlapping features in the target. In both cases, planarized features originating from target features will receive the correct attributes. 

The label feature class is optional and can specify an attribute source for the constructed polygons.

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