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IGMxApplication Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGMxApplication Interface

Provides access to members that control the ArcGlobe Application object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires 3D Analyst Extension.


The IGMxApplication interface contains methods/properties to customize the ArGlobe desktop application and allows you to manipulate ArcGlobe application specific properties and methods, such as create a new secondary viewer, setting the default background sky color, making the TOC visible, copying to clipboard and exporting the current display to 2D images. In order to change the sky background color, DefaultHighBackgroundColor and DefaultLowBackgroundColor can be used to change the color of the background color when at a higher and lower altitudes, respectively. For specifying the low and high altitudes of the transition distance within which the sky background color changes from default low background color to default high background color, the SetDefaultBackGroundTransitionDistances can be used. 

To create a secondary viewer for viewing data in a different perspective, the CreateSubView method is used. The ShowTOC method and TOCVisible boolean property can be used to the show/hide the Table of Contents dockable window. SetDefaultContentsView can be used to set the default TOC view to the current ative Table of Contents view.

Inorder to clear/suspend/restore animated gestrues with the Navigation tool in ArcGlobe, you can use the ClearGesture, SuspendGesture, RestoreGesture methods.



Name Description
Read-only property BuildNum The build number.
Method ClearGesture Clears gesture.
Method CopyToClipboard Copies the current scene to the Clipboard.
Method CreateSubView Makes a new viewer.
Read/write property DefaultHighBackgroundColor The Default High Background Color for New Documents.
Read/write property DefaultLowBackgroundColor The Default Low Background Color for New Documents.
Method Export2d Exports the Current Document to a 2d file format.
Method Export3d Exports the Current Document to a 3d file format.
Method GetDefaultBackgroundTransitionDistances The Default Background Transition Distances for New Documents.
Read-only property Page The current page settings.
Read-only property Paper The current paper settings.
Read/write property Printer The current printer settings.
Method RestoreGesture Restores gesture.
Read-only property SelectionEnvironment The selection environment.
Method SetDefaultBackgroundTransitionDistances The Default Background Transition Distances for New Documents.
Method SetDefaultContentsViews Set current TOC configuration as defaults in Normal.3dt.
Method ShowContextMenu Displays a context menu for the current selection.
Method ShowTOC Displays the table content.
Method SuspendGesture Suspends gesture.
Read-only property TOCVisible Indicates if the TOC is visible.

Classes that implement IGMxApplication

Classes Description
Application Esri ArcGlobe Application.


Obtain a reference to IGMxApplication through any object that supports IApplication. In ArcGlobe, IGMxApplication is implemented by the Application CoClass.

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