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IGMxDocument Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGMxDocument Interface

Provides access to members that control the ArcGlobe Document object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires 3D Analyst Extension.


The IGMxDocument is a starting point for accessing most of the ArcGlobe objects. This interface allows you to manipulate ArcGlobe document specific properties and methods, such as storing a document with relative paths, changing the search tolerance in pixels, saving a preview of the globe document to be viewed in ArcCatalog, loading and saving ArcGlobe animation files (*.aga files), adding a layer in the TOC, and removing all the layers in the TOC of a globe document.

When To Use

This interface is a starting point for getting a handle to other objects in ArcGlobe desktop application. Almost every ArcGlobe desktop customization uses IGMxDocument one way or another.


Name Description
Method AddLayer Adds a layer to the current focus map.
Read-only property ContentsView The contents view at the specified index.
Read-only property ContentsViewCount The number of contents views in the document.
Read/write property ContextItem The item that is selected or was last right-clicked.
Read/write property CurrentContentsView The current contents view of the document.
Read/write property DefaultColor The default color for the given type.
Write-only property DelayUpdateContents Indicates whether to ignore document update notifications.
Read/write property RelativePaths Indicates if path names are stored relative to the document.
Method RemoveAllLayers Removes all layers.
Read/write property SavePreview Indicates if a preview image is saved in the document.
Read/write property Scene The scene.
Read/write property SearchTolerancePixels The global search tolerance in pixels for selection.
Read-only property SelectedItem The selected item in the layer control.
Read-only property SelectedLayer The selected layer in the layer control.
Method UpdateContents Notifies the document that the contents have been updated.

Classes that implement IGMxDocument

Classes Description
GMxDocument Provides access to members that control the ArcGlobe document.


Obtain a reference to IGMxDocument via IApplication::Document.