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IGPDataType Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGPDataType Interface

Provides access to members of a GP Data Type.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

The IGPDataType interface is used to define the data type for each parameter to a geoprocessing tool. Some examples of data types include FeatureClass, Table, and Raster.

The data type is an object used to specify and manage the values passed in as input to a geoprocessing function. For example, in ModelBuilder datatypes are used to determine if a given model variable is valid input to a geoprocessing tool.

Data types are used to provide a way to generate and validate the parameter values. For every data type there is a IGPValue object. IGPValue objects are the actual inputs to a geoprocessing tool.

A complete example of defining the parameter data types is available in the article, Building Geoprocessing Function Tools.

See also IGPValue.


Name Description
Read-only property ControlCLSID The COM class id of the data type.
Method CreateValue Creates a geoprocessing value object from the given string.
Read-only property DisplayName The descriptive, user-friendly name.
Read-only property FullName The associated Name object.
Read-only property HelpContext The context identifier of the topic within the help file.
Read-only property HelpFile The name of the (CHM) file containing help information.
Read-only property MetadataFile The name of the (XML) file containing the default metadata for this data type.
Read-only property Name The name of the data type.
Method ValidateDataType Validates if a given geoprocessing data type object is valid.
Method ValidateValue Validates if a given geoprocessing value object is the correct data type.

Classes that implement IGPDataType

Classes Description
DEAddressLocatorType (esriLocation) The Address Locator Data Type.
DEArcInfoTableType (esriDataSourcesFile) ArcInfo Table Data Element object Type.
DECadastralFabricType (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri Cadastral Fabric Data Element Type Object.
DECadDrawingDatasetType (esriDataSourcesFile) CadDrawing Dataset Data Element object Type.
DECatalogRootType (esriDataSourcesFile) CatalogRootType Data Element object Type.
DECoverageFeatureClassType (esriDataSourcesFile) CoverageFeatureClass Data Element object Type.
DECoverageType (esriDataSourcesFile) Coverage Data Element object Type.
DEDatasetType (esriGeoprocessing) Dataset Data Element Data Type.
DEDbaseTableType (esriDataSourcesFile) Dbase Table Data Element object Type.
DEDiskConnectionType (esriDataSourcesFile) Disk Connection Data Element object Type.
DEFeatureClassType Feature Class Data Element object Type.
DEFeatureDatasetType Feature Dataset Data Element object Type.
DEFileType (esriDataSourcesFile) File Data Element object Type.
DEFolderType (esriDataSourcesFile) Folder Data Element object Type.
DEGeoDataServerType GeoDataServer Object Data Element object type.
DEGeoDatasetType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoDataset Data Element Data Type.
DEGeometricNetworkType GeometricNetwork Data Type object.
DEGeometryServerType GeometryServer Object Data Element object type.
DEGlobeServerType MapServer Object Data Element object type.
DEGPServerType MapServer Object Data Element object type.
DEImageServerType (esriDataSourcesRaster) Image Service Object Data Element object Type.
DELasDatasetType (esriDataSourcesFile) LAS Dataset Data Element object Type.
DELayerType (esriDataSourcesFile) Layer Data Element object Type.
DEMapDocumentType (esriDataSourcesFile) MapDocument Data Element object Type.
DEMapServerType MapServer Object Data Element object type.
DEMosaicDatasetType (esriDataSourcesRaster) The MosaicDataset Data Element object Type.
DENetworkDatasetType Network Dataset Data Element Type object.
DEPrjFileType (esriDataSourcesFile) Projection File Data Element object Type.
DERasterBandType RasterBand Data Element object Type.
DERasterCatalogType Raster Catalog Data Element Type object.
DERasterDatasetType RasterDataset Data Element object Type.
DERelationshipClassType RelationshipClass Class Data Element object Type.
DERemoteDatabaseFolderType (esriDataSourcesFile) Remote Database Folder Data Element object Type.
DESchematicDatasetType (esriSchematic) Schematic Dataset Data Element object Type.
DESchematicDiagramType (esriSchematic) Schematic Diagram Data Element object Type.
DESchematicFolderType (esriSchematic) Schematic Folder Data Element object Type.
DEServerConnectionType ServerConnection Object Data Element object type.
DEShapeFileType (esriDataSourcesFile) ShapeFile Data Element object Type.
DESpatialReferencesFolderType (esriDataSourcesFile) Spatial References Folder Data Element object Type.
DETableType Table Data Element object Type.
DETerrainType (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Terrain Data Element object Type.
DETextFileType (esriDataSourcesFile) Text File Data Element object Type.
DETinType (esriDataSourcesFile) Tin Data Element object Type.
DEToolboxType (esriGeoprocessing) The toolbox Data Type.
DEToolType (esriGeoprocessing) The tool Data Type.
DEType (esriGeoprocessing) Data Element Data Type.
DEVPFCoverageType (esriDataSourcesFile) DEVPFCoverage Dataset Data Element object Type.
DEVPFTableType (esriDataSourcesFile) VPFTable Data Element object Type.
DEWCSCoverageType (esriDataSourcesRaster) WCS Coverage Object Data Element object Type.
DEWMSMapType (esriDataSourcesRaster) WMS Map Data Element object Type.
DEWorkspaceType Workspace Data Element object Type.
FieldType Field Data Element object Type.
FMEDatasetType (esriDataInterop) FMEDatasetType Class
FMEDestDatasetType (esriDataInterop) FMEDestDatasetType Class
FMESourceDatasetType (esriDataInterop) FMESourceDatasetType Class
GPAddressLocatorStyleType (esriLocation) The Address Locator Style Type.
GPAnalysisCellSizeType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoProcessor Analysis CellSize Type object.
GPArcInfoItemType (esriDataSourcesFile) ArcInfo Item Data Element object Type.
GPArealUnitType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Areal Unit Data Type.
GPBooleanType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Boolean Data Type.
GPCadastralFabricLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Cadastral Fabric Layer Data Type.
GPCalculatorExpressionType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Field Calc Expression Data Type.
GPCellSizeXYType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Point Data Type.
GPCompositeDataType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Composite Data Type.
GPCompositeLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Composite Layer Data Type.
GPCoordinateSystemType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Coordinate System Data Type.
GPDataFileType (esriGeoprocessing) Data File Type.
GPDateType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Date Data Type.
GPDoubleType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Double Data Type.
GPEncryptedStringType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing String Data Type.
GPEnvelopeType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Envelope Data Type.
GPEvaluationScaleType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor EvaluationScale Type object.
GPExtentType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Extent Data Type.
GPFeatureLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Feature Layer Data Type.
GPFeatureRecordSetLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Feature Record Set Layer Data Type.
GPFieldInfoType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Field Info Data Type.
GPFieldMappingType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Field Map Data Type.
GPGALayerType (esriGeoStatisticalAnalyst) Geoprocessing Geostatistical layer type object.
GPGroupLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Group Layer Data Type.
GPINFOExpressionType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing INFO Expression Data Type.
GPLasDatasetLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Las Dataset Layer Data Type.
GPLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Layer Data Type.
GPLinearUnitType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Linear Unit Data Type.
GPLineType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Line Data Type.
GPLongType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Long Integer Data Type.
GPMDomainType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing M Domain Data Type.
GPMosaicLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Mosaic Layer Data Type.
GPMultiValueType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Multi-Value Data Type.
GPNAHierarchySettingsType (esriNetworkAnalyst) Geoprocessing network hierarchy settings data type.
GPNALayerType (esriNetworkAnalyst) Geoprocessing network analyst layer data type.
GPNetworkDatasetLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Network Dataset Layer Type object.
GPPointType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Point Data Type.
GPPolygonType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Polygon Data Type.
GPRandomNumberGeneratorType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Random Number Generator Data Type.
GPRasterBuilderType (esriGeoprocessing) Raster Builder Data Type.
GPRasterCalculatorExpressionType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst GPRasterCalculatorExpression Type object.
GPRasterCatalogLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Raster Catalog Layer Data Type.
GPRasterDataLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Raster Data Layer Data Type.
GPRasterDataType (esriGeoprocessing) Raster Data Type.
GPRasterFormulatedType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessor GP RasterFormulated object Type.
GPRasterGDBEnvCompressionType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoProcessor Spatial GDB Environment Compression Type object.
GPRasterGDBEnvPyramidType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoProcessor Spatial GDB Environment Compression Type object.
GPRasterGDBEnvStatisticsType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoProcessor Spatial GDB Environment Compression Type object.
GPRasterGDBEnvTileSizeType (esriGeoprocessing) GeoProcessor Spatial GDB Environment Compression Type object.
GPRasterLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Raster Layer Data Type.
GPRecordSetType (esriGeoprocessing) Record Set Data Type.
GPRouteMeasureEventPropertiesType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing route measure event properties data type.
GPSACellSizeType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial CellSize Type object.
GPSAExtractValuesType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst GPSAExtractValues Type object.
GPSAFuzzyFunctionType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst fuzzy function type object.
GPSAGeoDataType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessor GPSAGeoData object Type.
GPSAHorizontalFactorType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst HorizontalFactor type object.
GPSAMapAlgebraExpType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MapAlgebra Type object.
GPSANeighborhoodType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Neighborhood Type object.
GPSANumberRemapType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial NumberRemap Type object.
GPSARadiusType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Radius Type object.
GPSASemiVariogramType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial SemiVariogram Type object.
GPSAStringRemapType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial StringRemap Type object.
GPSATimeConfigurationType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst TimeConfiguration type object.
GPSATopoFeaturesType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst TopoFeatures Type object.
GPSATransformationFunctionType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst transformation function type object.
GPSAVerticalFactorType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst VerticalFactor type object.
GPSAWeightedOverlayTableType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor WeightedOverlayTable Type object.
GPSAWeightedSumType (esriSpatialAnalyst) GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst WeightedSum Type object.
GPSpatialReferenceType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Spatial Reference Data Type.
GPSQLExpressionType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing SQL Expression Data Type.
GPStringHiddenType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Hidden String Data Type.
GPStringType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing String Data Type.
GPTableViewType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Table view data Type.
GPTerrainLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Terrain Layer Data Type.
GPTimeUnitType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Time Unit Data Type.
GPTinLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Tin Layer Data Type.
GPTopologyLayerType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Topology Layer Data Type.
GPType (esriGeoprocessing) General Geoprocessing Data Type.
GPValueTableType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Value Table Data Type.
GPVariantType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Variant Data Type.
GPXYDomainType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing XY Domain Data Type.
GPZDomainType (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Z Domain Data Type.
IndexType Index Data Element object Type.
NAClassFieldMapType (esriNetworkAnalyst) Network Analyst Class FieldMap type.

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