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IGPDomain Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGPDomain Interface

Provides access to members of a Geoprocessing Domain.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

The IGPDomain interface provides access to the GPDomain object which is used as a filter to determine, if a given value is a valid input to a given tool parameter. For example, the domain for a simple value object of type integer can limit the integer to a range of 1 to 100. Another example for simple values is a domain of type GPCodedValueDomain.

There is a different domain class for every type of validation. For example, in order for a tool input parameter to only accept shapefiles, a domain class must be written to only accept shapefiles. 


Name Description
Method MemberOf Indicates if the value object is a member of the geoprocessing domain type.

Classes that implement IGPDomain

Classes Description
DataElementDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Data Element Domain.
GPArcInfoItemDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing ArcInfo Item Domain.
GPCadAnnoDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing CAD Annotation Feature Class Domain.
GPCodedValueDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Coded Value Domain.
GPCompositeDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Composite Domain.
GPCovAnnoDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Coverage Annotation Feature Class Domain.
GPCoverageDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Coverage Domain.
GPCoverageFeatureClassDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Coverage Feature Class Domain.
GPDatasetDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Dataset Domain.
GPFeatureClassDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Feature Class Domain.
GPFieldDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Field Domain.
GPFieldInfoDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Field Info Domain.
GPFileDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing File Domain.
GPGdbAnnoDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing GeoDatabase Annotation Feature Class Domain.
GPLayersAndTablesDomain (esriGeoprocessing) The GpLayers and Tables domain object.
GPMeasureFieldsDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering acceptable measure fields.
GPNumericDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Numeric Domain object.
GPQueryTableFieldsDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering the acceptable fileds for query tables.
GPQueryTableIDsDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering the acceptable ID field for query tables.
GPRAFieldDomain (esriGeoprocessing) GP Raster Field Domain - Additional handling of shapefile's integer fields.
GPRangeDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Range Domain.
GPRepresentationLayerDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Representation Layer Domain.
GPRouteDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering route feature classes.
GPRouteIDFieldsDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering acceptable route ID fields.
GPRouteMeasureEventDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering the acceptable measure fields for event locations.
GPSAGeoDataDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessor GPSA Geo-data Domain.
GPSANameDomain (esriSpatialAnalyst) GPSAName Domain in geo-processing.
GPSANeighborhoodDomain (esriSpatialAnalyst) Neighborhood Domain in geo-processing.
GPSARemapDomain (esriSpatialAnalyst) Remap Domain in geo-processing.
GPSATextTableNameDomain (esriSpatialAnalyst) GPSAName Domain in geo-processing.
GPTablesDomain (esriGeoprocessing) The GpTables domain object.
GPVirtualTableDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Object for filtering out the virtual tables.
GPWorkspaceDomain (esriGeoprocessing) Geoprocessing Workspace Domain.