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IGlobeDrawingOrder Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGlobeDrawingOrder Interface

Provides access to members that control the globe drawing order.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IGlobeDrawingOrder Provides access to the layer drawing order. The methods, Movebackward, MoveForward, MoveToBack, and MoveToFront allow re-ordering of layers relative to each other from current drawing order, stored as OrderedLayers.


Name Description
Method MoveBackward Moves a layer backward one position within the drawing order.
Method MoveForward Moves a layer forward one position within the drawing order.
Method MoveRanks Moves layers within the drawing order.
Method MoveToBack Moves a layer to the back of the drawing order.
Method MoveToFront Moves a layer to the front of the drawing order.
Method MoveToLayer Moves a layer within the drawing order.
Read-only property OrderedLayers Layers in the drawing order.

Classes that implement IGlobeDrawingOrder

Classes Description

The code below illustrates how you can get the drawing order of the globe layers by their type (Draped, Floating, Elevation):

public void GetGlobeDrawingOrder()
 //pGlobe is a variable of type IGlobe
 IGlobeDisplay pGlbDisplay = pGlobe.GlobeDisplay;
 IGlobeDrawingOrder pDrawOrder = (IGlobeDrawingOrder) pGlobe;
 //Get the current draw order - this includes draped, floating and elevation
 IEnumLayer pEnumLayer = pDrawOrder.OrderedLayers;

 //Need to separate Draped from Elevation
 IEnumLayer pBaseLayers;
 IEnumLayer pFloatingLayers;
 //variable = pGlobe.GlobeLayers(pUID, bRecursive, bInBaseGlobe, bSortedByDrawingPriority)

 pBaseLayers = pGlobe.get_GlobeLayers(null,true,true,true);
 pFloatingLayers = pGlobe.get_GlobeLayers(null,false,false,true);

 /*weed out elevation layers from the ordered list...
 note elevation layers are always on top of the ordered list
 The ordered list for baselayers is:
 (Top down)
 IGlobeLayerProperties pGlobeLyrProps;
 IGlobeDisplayLayers pGlbDispLyrs = (IGlobeDisplayLayers) pGlbDisplay;
 //Create ArrayLists
 ArrayList pDrapedLayers = new ArrayList();
 ArrayList pElevationLayers = new ArrayList();
 //Store the separate draw order (elevationa and draped) into ArrayLists
 ILayer pLayer = pBaseLayers.Next();

 while(pLayer != null)
  pGlobeLyrProps = pGlbDispLyrs.FindGlobeProperties(pLayer);
  if(pGlobeLyrProps.Type != esriGlobeDataType.esriGlobeDataElevation)
  else if(pGlobeLyrProps.Type == esriGlobeDataType.esriGlobeDataElevation)

  //Get the next layer
  pLayer = pBaseLayers.Next();

 //To get the layers from the ArrayLists - cast individual elements to ILayer
 //For example getting the first layer in the list:
 ILayer theDrapedLayer = (ILayer) pDrapedLayers[0];
 ILayer theElevationLayer = (ILayer) pElevationLayers[0];
 //Get the floating layers
 ILayer theFloatingLayer = pFloatingLayers.Next();
 while(theFloatingLayer != null)
  //code to work with theFloatingLayer
  theFloatingLayer = pFloatingLayers.Next();