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IGlobeLayerProperties Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGlobeLayerProperties Interface

Provides access to members that manipulate the globe layer properties. Note: the IGlobeLayerProperties interface has been superseded by IGlobeLayerProperties4. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Use the IGlobeLayerProperties interface to manage the 3D properties of an individual data layer in the globe.


Name Description
Method ApplyDisplayProperties Applies the display properties of the layer.
Read/write property BaseImageDrawingPriority Indicates the drawing priority for images on the globe.
Read/write property CacheName The path to the layer cache.
Read/write property CacheRemovalOption The cache removal option.
Method Connect Connect to layer to receive events.
Method Disconnect Disconnect from layer to stop receiving events.
Method EstimateFeatureLODRange Suggests LOD range values for the layer.
Method EstimateSymbologyScalingFactor Suggests the scaling factor of meters-per-point to be applied on symbol sizes during rasterization.
Method EstimateThresholdDistanceFromCutLOD Suggests the visibility distance that corresponds to given cut-off LOD.
Method EstimateThresholdDistances Suggests visibility distance range for the layer.
Write-only property Extent The extent of the layer, including elevation.
Read/write property FloatingSeeThroughOrder Indicates the see-through order for a floating layer.
Read/write property FullCacheOption Indicates if the layer should be fully cached.
Method GetExtent Calculate the extent of the layer, including elevation.
Method GetLossyCompressionOption Gets the lossy compression option and compression quality.
Read/write property GlobeDisplay The globe display.
Read/write property HasOIDs Indicates if the feature data has object IDs.
Read/write property HeightProperties The height properties.
Read/write property ImageCatalogCrossoverLevel Crossover Level of Detail (0-31) for image catalog layers.
Read/write property ImageSamplingMode Image sampling mode for display.
Read/write property IMSConnection The IMS connection, if it exists.
Method InitCacheName Initializes the cache name.
Read/write property InvalidateCache Indicates if changes in the properties have made the cache invalid (must be refreshed).
Read/write property IsCacheNameValid Indicates if the path to the layer cache is valid.
Read/write property IsConfigLoaded Indicates if the cache config parameters have been loaded from an existing cache.
Read/write property IsConsolidatedChild Indicates if the cache is consolidated into the parent's.
Read/write property IsConsolidatedParent Indicates if the group layer cache consolidates some of the children.
Read/write property IsDisconnected Indicates if the layer is not associated with a data source.
Read/write property IsDynamicallyRasterized Indicates if the feature data is to be rasterized.
Read/write property IsExtruded Indicates if the feature data is to be extruded.
Read/write property IsFullyCached Indicates if the layer is fully cached.
Read/write property MasterLayer The layer that defines properties for an elevation layer. Null if the layer is its own master.
Read/write property MaxFeatureLevelOfDetail Level of Detail (0-31) for feature layers.
Read/write property MaximumDistance The maximum distance at which the layer is visible.
Read/write property maxLOD Maximum LOD allowed.
Read/write property MinimumCellSize Minimum cell size for rasters, in meters.
Read/write property MinimumDistance The minimum distance at which the layer is visible.
Read/write property minLOD Minimum LOD allowed.
Read/write property PerTileVisibility Indicates if the visibility threshold is applied per tile.
Method PutLossyCompressionOption Puts the lossy compression option and compression quality.
Read-only property RasterTileLogSize Rasterized vector logarithm tile size.
Read/write property RasterTileSize Rasterized vector tile size.
Read/write property Scale3DSymbols Indicates if the the 3D symbols will be scaled with the distance.
Read/write property SymbologyScalingFactor The scaling factor of meters-per-point to be applied on symbol sizes during rasterization.
Read/write property Type The data type.
Read/write property Use16ColorBits Indicates whether to use 16 bits for color.
Read/write property Use16ElevationBits Indicates whether to use 16 bits for elevation.
Method ValidateType Validates the data type.
Read/write property VectorTileSize Maximum vector tile size.

Classes that implement IGlobeLayerProperties

Classes Description
GlobeLayerProperties The layer extension containing globe layer properties.

The following code gives you a handle to the IGlobeLayerProperties of a layer.

public IGlobeLayerProperties GetGlobeLayerProperties(ILayer pLayer)
 IGlobeLayerProperties pGlobeLyrProps = null;
 ILayerExtensions pLyrExtensions;
 pLyrExtensions = (ILayerExtensions)pLayer;

 //loop over layer extensions
 for(int i=0; i<pLyrExtensions.ExtensionCount; i++)
  if(pLyrExtensions.get_Extension(i) is IGlobeLayerProperties)
   pGlobeLyrProps = (IGlobeLayerProperties)pLyrExtensions.get_Extension(i);

 return pGlobeLyrProps;