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IGlobeServer Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGlobeServer Interface

Provides access to members that support Globe server operations. Note: the IGlobeServer interface has been superseded by IGlobeServer2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Method Find Returns a Globe Server Find Result object that contain the given search string.
Method GetAnimation Gets the animation stream.
Method GetCacheName Gets the virtual cache directory for a given layer.
Method GetConfig Gets the configuration file from a given layer.
Method GetConfiguration Gets all the configuration and MQT files from a given layer.
Method GetLegendInfos Returns a collection of Globe Legend Info objects for the specified layers. If layerIDs is Nothing/Null or empty, legend information for all layers is returned.
Method GetMQT Gets the MQT for a given face from a given layer.
Method GetSymbols Gets the symbols with given IDs.
Method GetTextures Gets the textures with given IDs.
Method GetTile Gets a tile for a given tile location from a given layer.
Method GetVirtualCacheDirectory Gets the virtual cache directory for a given layer.
Method Identify Returns a Globe Server Identify Result object at the given location.
Read-only property LayerCount The number of layers in the server under a certain parent.
Read-only property LayerInfos A collection of Globe Layer Info objects.
Read-only property Version The Globe Server version number.

Classes that implement IGlobeServer

Classes Description
GlobeServer A Globe Server class that serves Globe Tiles.

//pass the URL address eg. http://myGlobeServer:6800/arcgis/services

private IAGSServerConnection ConnectToServer(string ServerConnection


  //Create the ArcGIS connection...

  IAGSServerConnectionName pAGSServerConnectionName = new AGSServerConnectionNameClass();


  //populate IpropertySet2<

  IPropertySet2 pProps = new PropertySetClass();


   if (ServerConnection.StartsWith("http://myGlobeServer:6080/"))

      pProps.SetProperty("URL", ServerConnection);




      MessageBox.Show("not a valid server connection");




   //set propeties and return object

   pAGSServerConnectionName.ConnectionProperties = pProps;


   IName pName;

   pName = (IName)pAGSServerConnectionName;


   return (IAGSServerConnection)pName.Open();