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IJoinParcelManager Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IJoinParcelManager Interface

Provides access to join parcel session manager.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


This interface provides access to the JoinParcelManager object. This object helps to manage the task of joining a parcel to a cadastral fabric. The ICadastralExtensionManager interface provides a method to get the Join Parcel Manager object.

This interface provides methods to:


Name Description
Method AutoJoinParcel Automatically create join links to the Parcel and display the links.
Read/write property EnableJoinParcelTool Indicates whether Join Parcel Tool is enabled/disabled.
Method FlashJoinLink Flash a join link on the map.
Read-only property Joining Indicates whether a Joining session is in progress.
Method JoinParcel Join a Parcel to the network.
Method Refresh Refresh/Redraw Join Parcel.
Method RemoveJoinLink Remove a join link.
Method SelectJoinParcelTool Select the Join Parcel Tool as Active tool.
Method StartJoining Start Joining the input parcel.
Method StopJoining Stop Joining parcel.
Method UpdateJoinDialogButtons Enable/Disable JoinDialog Buttons when the current active tool changes.
Method UpdateJoinLinkInfo Update Join Parcel dialog with join link info.
Method UpdateRotationScaleInfo Update Join Parcel dialog with rotation and scale info.

Classes that implement IJoinParcelManager

Classes Description
JoinParcelManager Manager object for Parcel Joining.