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IMetadata Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IMetadata Interface

Provides access to members that manage and update metadata.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property Metadata The PropertySet containing metadata.
Method Synchronize Updates metadata with the current properties; may create metadata if it doesn't already exist.

Classes that implement IMetadata

Classes Description
AGSServerObjectName (esriGISClient) A name object for ArcGIS Server Objects.
CacheRasterDatasetName (esriCarto) A raster dataset name for Globe and Map cache.
CadastralFabric (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) A container for querying information about a cadastral fabric.
CadastralFabricName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri Cadastral Fabric Name Object.
CadDrawingName (esriDataSourcesFile) Cad Drawing Name object
CoverageFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage Feature Class information.
CoverageName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage information.
DEAddressLocator (esriLocation) The Address Locator Element.
DEArcInfoTable (esriDataSourcesFile) ArcInfo Table Data Element object.
DECadastralFabric (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Cadastral Fabric Data Element object.
DECadDrawingDataset (esriDataSourcesFile) Cad Drawing Dataset Data Element object.
DECatalogRoot (esriDataSourcesFile) Catalog Root Data Element object.
DECoverage (esriDataSourcesFile) Coverage Data Element object.
DECoverageFeatureClass (esriDataSourcesFile) Coverage Feature Class Data Element object.
DEDbaseTable (esriDataSourcesFile) Dbase Table Data Element object.
DEDiskConnection (esriDataSourcesFile) Disk Connection Data Element object.
DEFeatureClass Feature Class Data Element object.
DEFeatureDataset Feature Dataset Data Element object.
DEFile (esriDataSourcesFile) File Data Element object.
DEFolder (esriDataSourcesFile) Folder Data Element object.
DEGeoDataServer GeoDataServer Object Data Element object.
DEGeometricNetwork GeometricNetwork Data Element object.
DEGeometryServer GeometryServer Object Data Element object.
DEGlobeServer MapServer Object Data Element object.
DEGPServer MapServer Object Data Element object.
DEImageServer (esriDataSourcesRaster) Image Service Object Data Element object.
DELasDataset (esriDataSourcesFile) LAS Dataset Data Element object.
DELayer (esriDataSourcesFile) Layer Data Element object.
DEMapDocument (esriDataSourcesFile) Map Document Data Element object.
DEMapServer MapServer Object Data Element object.
DEMosaicDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) The MosaicDataset Data Element object.
DENetworkDataset Network Dataset Data Element object.
DEPrjFile (esriDataSourcesFile) Projection File Data Element object.
DERasterBand RasterBand Data Element object.
DERasterCatalog Raster Catalog Data Element object.
DERasterDataset RasterDataset Data Element object.
DERelationshipClass Relationship Class Data Element object.
DERemoteDatabaseFolder (esriDataSourcesFile) Remote Database Folder Data Element object.
DERepresentationClass Representation Class Data Element object.
DEServerConnection ServerConnection Object Data Element object.
DEShapeFile (esriDataSourcesFile) ShapeFile Data Element object.
DESpatialReferencesFolder (esriDataSourcesFile) Spatial References Folder Data Element object.
DETable Table Data Element object.
DETextFile (esriDataSourcesFile) Text File Data Element object.
DETin (esriDataSourcesFile) Tin Data Element object.
DETool (esriGeoprocessing) The tool Data Element.
DEToolbox (esriGeoprocessing) The toolbox Data Element.
DETopology Topology Data Element object.
DEVPFCoverage (esriDataSourcesFile) DEVPFCoverage Dataset Data Element object.
DEVPFTable (esriDataSourcesFile) VPFTable Data Element object.
DEWCSCoverage (esriDataSourcesRaster) WCS Coverage Object Data Element object.
DEWMSMap (esriDataSourcesRaster) WMS Map Data Element object.
DEWorkspace Database Data Element object.
FDLFeatureClass (esriDataInteropUI) FDLFeatureClass Class
FeatureClassName Esri Feature Class Name object.
FeatureDatasetName Esri Feature Dataset Name object.
FgdbFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Feature Class Name object.
FgdbTableName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
FunctionRasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A class for a function raster dataset.
GeometricNetwork Esri Geometric Network object.
GeometricNetworkName Esri Geometric Network Name object.
GxAGSCatalog (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server data sharing object.
GxAGSGeoDataServer (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server geodataserver object.
GxAGSGeometry (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Geometry Server Service object.
GxAGSGeoprocessing (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server geoprocessing object.
GxAGSGlobe (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server globe object.
GxAGSImage (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Image Server Service object.
GxAGSLocator (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server locator object.
GxAGSMap (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server map object.
GxAGSWMServer (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Server Workflow Manager object.
GxCadDataset (esriCatalog) A Cad Feature Class or Drawing dataset.
GxCoverageDataset (esriCatalog) A Coverage, Feature Class or Info Table dataset.
GxDatabase (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a database.
GxDataGraph (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents data graph.
GxDataset (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a dataset.
GxDiskConnection (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a disk connection.
GxExcelFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a excel file.
GxFeatureDefinitionPackage (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a feature definition package.
GxFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a file.
GxFolder (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a folder.
GxGDSGeodatabase (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Geodatabase connection.
GxGeoprocessingResult (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a Geoprocessing Result.
GxLayer (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a layer.
GxLocator (esriLocationUI) A locator representation in ArcCatalog.
GxMap (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a map.
GxMetadata (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an XML file.
GxMSDFile (esriCatalogUI) A MapServerDefinitionFile Dataset.
GxPackage (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a layer or map package.
GxPCCoverage (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents PC Coverage.
GxPrjFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents GxPrjFile.
GxRasterDataset (esriCatalog) A Gx Raster dataset.
GxReport (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a report.
GxSDCDataset (esriCatalog) A SDC feature dataset, feature class or table.
GxServiceDefinition (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a service definition.
GxShapefileDataset (esriCatalog) A Shapefile Feature Class or DBase Table.
GxShortcut (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a shortcut to a GxObject. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.
GxSpatialWeightsMatrixFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a spatial weights matrix file.
GxStreetMapDataset (esriCatalog) A StreetMap feature class.
GxTextFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents the text file.
GxTool (esriCatalog) Catalog object corresponding to geoprocessing tools.
GxToolbox (esriCatalog) Catalog object corresponding to toolboxes.
GxVpfDataset (esriCatalog) A VPF Feature Class.
GxWorkspaceFolder (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a workspace folder.
IMSFeatureClass (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Class.
IMSFeatureService (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Service.
IMSImageMap (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Image Map.
IMSMetadataService (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Metadata Service.
IMSMetadataServiceName (esriGISClient) ArIMS Metadata Service Name Object.
IMSServiceName (esriGISClient) The IMS Service Name.
LasDatasetName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The Esri LasDatasetName component.
LocatorName (esriLocation) Name object for a locator.
NetCDFRasterDatasetName (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) A container for name information about a NetCDF raster dataset.
NetworkDataset A container for querying information about a network dataset.
NetworkDatasetName A container for describing this network dataset's name properties.
ObjectClassName Esri Object Class Name object.
RasterBand (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterBandName A container for name information about a raster band.
RasterCatalogName Esri RasterCatalog Name object.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterDatasetName A container for name information about a raster dataset.
RelationshipClassName Esri Relationship Class Name object.
SchematicDataset (esriSchematic) Provides access to members that manage the schematic dataset.
SchematicDatasetName (esriSchematic) Schematic dataset name object.
SchematicDiagram (esriSchematic) A schematic diagram object.
SchematicDiagramClass (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class object.
SchematicDiagramClassName (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class name object.
SchematicDiagramName (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram name object.
SchematicElementClass (esriSchematic) Schematic element class object.
SchematicFolder (esriSchematic) A schematic folder object.
SchematicFolderName (esriSchematic) Schematic folder name object.
SchematicInMemoryFeatureClass (esriSchematic) Schematic in memory feature class object.
SearchResults (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents the search result. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.
TableName Esri Table Name object.
Terrain (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The Esri Terrain component.
TerrainName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) Esri Terrain Name object.
Tin The Esri TIN component.
TinName The Esri TinName component.
Topology Esri Topology object.
TopologyName Esri Topology Name object.
WorkspaceDefinition The Workspace Definition Object.


The IMetadata interface is implemented by the GxMetadata object and all other objects that support metadata (the bulk of GxObject types). Use this interface when you want to access the set of metadata associated with an object or you want to create new metadata for the object.

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