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INativeType Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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INativeType Interface

Provides access to members that supply native type information about a dataset.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read-only property Description The description of the type.
Read-only property TypeID The unique ID of the type.

Classes that implement INativeType

Classes Description
ComplexNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for built up of other native types.
DataGraphNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a data graph.
FDLFeatureClassNativeType (esriDataInteropUI) FDLFeatureClassNativeType Class
FdpFileNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a fdp file.
FileNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a filtered file.
FMENativeType (esriDataInterop) FMENativeType Class
FolderNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a folder.
GPToolboxNativeType (esriCatalog) Geoprocessing Toolbox Native Type.
GPToolNativeType (esriCatalog) Geoprocessing Tool Native Type.
GxFilterCoverageFeatureClasses (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing coverage feature classes.
GxFilterCoverages (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing coverages.
GxFilterdBASEFiles (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing dBASE files.
GxFilterInfoTables (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing info tables.
GxFilterMSDFiles (esriCatalogUI) A filter for displaying/choosing MSDFiles.
GxFilterShapefiles (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing shapefiles.
GxFilterTextFiles (esriCatalog) A filter for displaying/choosing delimited text files.
GxGeoprocessingResultNativeType (esriCatalog) Geoprocessing Result Native Type.
IMSConnectionNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for an ArcIMS Connection.
IMSFeatureServiceNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a ArcIMS Feature Service.
IMSImageMapNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a ArcIMS ImageMap.
IMSMetadataDocumentNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a ArcIMS Metadata Document.
IMSMetadataServiceNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a ArcIMS Metadata Service.
LayerNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a layer.
MapNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a map.
MetadataNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for standalone metadata.
Pre70CoverageNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for pre-7.0 coverages.
PrjFileNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a prj file.
RasterNativeType (esriDataSourcesRaster) Native type for raster datasets.
SchematicDatasetNativeType (esriSchematic) Schematic dataset native type object.
SchematicDiagramNativeType (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram native type object.
SchematicFolderNativeType (esriSchematic) Schematic folder native type object.
ServiceDefinitionFileNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a service definition file.
ShortcutNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a shortcut.
TinNativeType The Esri TinNativeType component.
WCSConnectionNativeType (esriCatalog) The native type of WCS connection.
WMSConnectionNativeType (esriCatalog) The native type of WMS connection.
WMTSConnectionNativeType (esriCatalog) The native type of WMTS connection.
WorkspaceFolderNativeType (esriCatalog) Native type for a workspace folder.