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IParcelConstruction4 Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IParcelConstruction4 Interface

Provides access to ParcelConstruction4 Interface.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Read/write property AdjustmentMethod Adjustment type applied to parcel (parcel mode only).
Method ApplyScaleAndRotation Apply scale and rotation to lines' bearing and distance. Use for lines that are inversed from coordinates.
Read/write property ComputeClosure Closure can be computed.
Read-only property ConstructionData The current construction data for editing parcel / construction.
Write-only property CurrentColumn The current active column id.
Write-only property CurrentRow The current active row id.
Read-only property DefaultLineTemplate Default line template. To set assign last row.
Method DeleteAllLines Delete all lines in the grid.
Method GetEndPoint End point ID, x and y.
Method GetLineGeometry The polyline repesentation of the GSLine. Method supports Line Strings and is projected.
Method GetLines All complete GSLines.
Method GetOriginPoint Origin point ID, x and y.
Method InsertGridRow Insert a row before given row. Use -1 to insert at the end.
Method PasteLines Paste lines from the clipboard or provided features. If maxLines = -1, the regkey will be used. LineTemplate and Features are optional. Use -1 for fabric tolerance.
Method Planarize Planarize lines (construction mode only). A tolerance of zero uses the fabric's tolerance.
Method RecalculatePoints Recomputes point IDs, based on line attributes. Works in all parcel editing modes.
Method RecalculatePointsEx Recomputes point IDs, based on line attributes.
Method SetEndPoint End point ID, at coordinate x/y.
Method SetLineTemplate Line template at a row.
Method SetLineTemplateToLines Apply Line template to row(s).
Method SetOriginPoint Origin point ID, at coordinate x/y. If forceAssignment, then point does not need to exist.
Method SortLines Sort lines based on their from:to value pairs.
Method UpdateGridFromGSLines Updates the line grid with the values in the GSLines. Readding lines rehydrates lines from pracel or construction line structures.

Classes that implement IParcelConstruction4

Classes Description
ParcelConstruction Managers the objects in the UI line grid.