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IParcelTransformation Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IParcelTransformation Interface

Provides access to IParcelTransformation.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Read-only property AnchorPoint Anchor point used in transformation.
Read/write property AnchorPointId Anchor point id used in transformation. Set value to -1 for undefined point.
Write-only property AnchorSnap Indicates if anchor point is the only snapable object. If true the anchor offset is calculated (call on mouse down).
Method Cache Build geometry cache from the selected parcel layers.
Write-only property CenterPointTolerance Center point tolerance.
Method ClearCache Clear cached geometries.
Method Commit Commit geometry shifts to the fabric.
Write-only property Draw Indicates if parcels/anchor point should be drawn on AfterDraw event.
Write-only property DrawAnchor Indicates if anchor point should be drawn on AfterDraw event.
Read-only property Geometries Parcel objects that are transforming.
Method GetLocation Current map location.
Method HasOutofToleranceCenterPoint Test if center point locations are out of tolerance (ie, two or more curves want center points greater than the tolerance value). If testDatabase = true, then look to see if we would move a center point not included in the selection.
Read-only property IsCenterPoint Indicates if point id is a center point.
Read/write property Modified Indicates if the transformation has been modified.
Method ProcessKeyDown Update transformation tool bar position. Call this method on keydown.
Method Redraw Invalidate the screen.
Method RevertGeometries Revert geometries to the previous saved set. Call this method to undo current parcel tranformation.
Method SaveGeometries Save geometries objects.
Read-only property SearchTolerance Editors search tolerance.
Method SetEnabled Indicates if the transformation tools should be enabled.
Method UpdateMiniToolbar Update the transparency of the transformation tool bar. Call this method on parcel move.

Classes that implement IParcelTransformation

Classes Description
ParcelTransformation Manager object for Plan Directory.